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Best Xfinity Deals and Promotions

Everything you need to save on your Xfinity internet bill

Best Xfinity deals and incentives right now

  • Get 200 Mbps internet for only $35.00 a month when you sign up for Xfinity’s Connect More plan
  • Get unlimited gig-speed internet and streaming for just $50 per month when you add an Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan.
  • Up to $100 back for Xfinity internet for students

Xfinity has the usual fees and price-hikes, but its internet plans generally provide great value, packing in a lot of internet speed for the money.

Best Xfinity promotions and discounts this month

Promotions and discountsView on provider site
Get unlimited gig-speed internet and streaming for only $50/month when you add an Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan.View Deals

You can get unlimited gig-speed internet and streaming for only $50/month when you add an Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan.

Best Xfinity internet deals

PlanStarting priceSpeedView on provider site
Connect More$35.00/mo.*200 MbpsView Plan
Fast$55.00/mo.**400 MbpsView Plan
Superfast$70.00/mo.**800 MbpsView Plan

Xfinity’s Fast internet plan is the best option for the average household. You get enough speed to keep everyone happy without breaking the bank. But if you’re looking for a little more or less internet speed, Xfinity has a ton of speeds and price points to choose from—making it easy to find something that works for you.

Xfinity also offers a 2-year price lock with many current offers for new customers, giving you a lot of time before you have to worry about any price hikes.

Shopping for internet?

Search your zip code below to find deals from Xfinity and other internet providers available in your neck of the woods.

Best TV bundle deals from Xfinity

  • Great TV with decent internet
    Connect Internet + Popular TV
    • $70.00/mo.*
    • 75 Mbps
    • 125+ channels
  • Great TV with fast internet
    Super Fast Internet + Popular TV
    • $120.00/mo.**
    • 800 Mbps
    • 125+ channels
  • Best TV with the fastest internet
    Gigabit Extra Internet + Ultimate TV
    • $150.00/mo.***
    • 1,200 Mbps
    • 185+ channels

You can get a modest discount (typically between $10 and $20) by bundling your Xfinity internet with TV service.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of middle ground with Xfinity’s Internet and TV bundles. To get enough internet for an average household, you’ll need at least the Superfast Internet + Popular TV bundle. The good news is this bundle gives excellent internet speeds (800 Mbps) and a ton of channels (125+).

Internet and TV bundles have become less enticing overall for many providers in recent years as ISPs seem to be more focused on promoting mobile services.

Best mobile and internet deals from Xfinity

PlanView on provider site
Get unlimited gig-speed internet and streaming for just $50 per month when you add an Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan.Get the Deal

Right now Xfinity is offering a great discount on one of its fastest internet plans. You can get Xfinity’s gig-speed internet for just $50 when you bundle with an Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan.

Xfinity internet discounts—how can you lower your bill?

Use these tips to lower your Xfinity internet bill

  • Sign up for automatic payments and paperless billing to take full advantage of Xfinity promotions.
  • Save $14/mo. by using your own modem and router.
  • Save $99 by choosing a self-install over a professional installation

Call Xfinity at 1-800-934-6489

Pro tip:

Use our “How Much Internet Speed Do I Need?” tool to see what Wi-Fi bandwidth is best for what you do online. Sometimes you can save money by picking a slower plan—because oftentimes even a slower download speed is still fast.

Does Xfinity participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Xfinity does participate in the Affordable Connectivity program, allowing those who qualify to save up to $30 on their internet bill.

Discounts for military and students

Xfinity has some special gift card and coupon offers that are exclusive to military service members and students.

  • Xfinity military deal: $25 Xfinity coupon and a $100 prepaid gift card when you sign up for new service or have signed up for service in the last 90 days (expires 01/31/23).
  • Xfinity student deal: Get up to $100 back (offer expires 03/31/23).

Apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program to lower your bill even more

Xfinity participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program, a monthly subsidy of $30 (or $75 for customers on Tribal land and high-cost areas) that goes toward your internet bill. See our ACP internet guide to learn how to apply.

What fees do you pay with Xfinity internet?

Xfinity has several potential fees, some of which you can avoid by making certain choices when you sign up for your internet plan:

  • Choose a self-install to avoid Xfinity’s $100 professional-install fee
  • Use your own internet equipment (modem and router) to avoid a $14.00/mo. rental fee
  • Stay within your data cap to avoid paying a data-overage fee ($10.00 for every 50 GB over the data cap)

Xfinity internet fees

Professional installation fee$100.00
Gateway rental fee$14.00/mo.
Data overage fee$10.00 per every 50 GB over