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Xfinity TV Review

Get more with Xfinity TV.



Provider star ratings are based on user reviews and our independent customer satisfaction survey.

Data effective 01/15/2020. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Best Xfinity TV packages

Xfinity by Comcast offers three cable TV packages, which is a refreshing change from competitors who offer a confusing jumble of half a dozen or more options. Basically, there’s an affordable package, a package with more sports, and a top plan with sports and premium movie channels.

How good is Xfinity TV service?

Xfinity TV delivers steady service and a variety of packages that will entertain just about anyone. Xfinity TV is a great service to bundle with your Xfinity internet service, and we like the easy-to-use voice remote.

The company doesn’t have high ratings for customer service, but they do have wide availability and cost effective TV and internet bundles. The low customer service rating stems partly from Xfinity’s steady increase in fees in the past few years, although this is common with most cable TV companies.

Overall, we find that Xfinity’s TV service is enjoyable, and we often recommend it to friends and family (usually bundled with internet).


  • Affordable bundles
  • Contract-free options
  • Easy-to-use voice remote


  • Higher-than-average fees
  • Low customer service ratings

Xfinity Deals

Add Xfinity mobile and get $25 a month off internet faster than a gig. Also, get unlimited data and Wi-Fi equipment for 24 months.

Xfinity TV packages

Xfinity offers several cable TV packages to meet the needs of families, sports fans, movie lovers, and international audiences. We really like the simplicity of deciding between just a few TV plans instead of seven or eight.

The Choice TV plan (with up to 10+ channels) gives you the best value per channel, but it doesn’t include much sports or movie programming.

Sports fans will want to go for the Popular TV or above packages for access to sports programming.

Premium channels like STARZ®, HBO®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™, CINEMAX®, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® and others can be added individually for $12 each or purchased together in the Ultimate TV plan.

When we ran a cost comparison of Xfinity against other providers, we found that Xfinity TV  does cost a little more than some TV providers like DISH, but if you’re bundling Xfinity TV with another Xfinity service (like internet), you’ll get a small discount that will save you money.

Get the right TV package for you.

PlanIntroductory priceChannel countBest for
Choice TV$30.00–$90.00/mo.*10++Viewers who enjoy a curated collection of mainstream entertainment
Popular TV$70.00–$130.00/mo.*125++Households with sports and movie fans
Ultimate TV$90.00-$150.00/mo.*185++Families who like movies, sports, news, reality, documentaries, and more

*Data effective 01/15/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
Price is with a 1-year contract, for the first 12 months. Monthly fees for contract-free plans are higher.

Xfinity TV and internet bundles

If you’d like, you can save a little cash and keep your bills streamlined with an Xfinity TV and internet bundle. Most Xfinity internet and TV bundles include internet speeds of 150 Mbps or above, which is plenty fast for most households. For an additional cost, you can bump up the internet to even faster speeds (which you might need if you have a gamer in the house).

Xfinity also offers home security service. You can add XH Security service to any of the following packages for $24.99 per month.

See how you can save by bundling.

PackagePriceSpeedOrder Online
Connect Internet + Choice TV$40.00/mo.75MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Connect Internet + Popular TV$99.60/mo.75MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Connect Internet + Ultimate TV$119.60/mo.75MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Connect More + Choice TV$64.95/mo.200MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Connect More + Popular TV$114.60/mo.200MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Connect More + Ultimate TV$134.60/mo.200MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Fast + Choice TV$84.95/mo.400MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Fast + Popular TV$134.60/mo.400MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Fast + Ultimate TV$154.60/mo.400MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Super Fast Internet + Choice TV$99.95/mo.800MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Super Fast Internet + Popular TV$149.60/mo.800MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Superfast Internet + Ultimate TV$161.80/mo.800MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Gigabit + Choice TV$109.95/mo.1000MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Gigabit + Popular TV$159.60/mo.1000MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Gigabit + Ultimate TV$179.60/mo.1000MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Gigabit Extra Internet + Choice TV$114.95/mo.1200MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Gigabit Extra Internet + Popular TV$164.60/mo.1200MbpsView Xfinity Plan
Gigabit Extra Internet + Ultimate TV$184.60/mo.1200MbpsView Xfinity Plan

*Data effective 2/12/24. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Xfinity bundles

Why pay three separate bills for cable TV, home phone, and internet when you can bundle them together and save some money? Xfinity TV, home phone, and internet bundles keep you connected to the sports, movies, and the internet you need daily. Most bundles include internet speeds of 150 Mbps or above, which is plenty fast for most households.

It’s worth noting that some packages offer a price lock for 24 months (sweet!). If you don’t get one with a price lock, bear in mind that you’ll end up paying almost twice as much by month 13. Also, some packages have special discounts if you agree to a 12-month or 24-month contract.

Xfinity TV tech

Xfinity TV is delivered to your home via traditional cable wiring. You will need a cable wall outlet in each room you want to have a TV box. Some homes may not be wired for cable TV, even though they lie within Xfinity coverage areas. An Xfinity installation technician can usually install the required outlets in your home if you live within Xfinity coverage areas.


Picture quality

Xfinity by Comcast offers over one hundred HD channels, but you may have to pay an extra $9.95 per month for what Xfinity calls an HD technology fee, which applies to some parts of the country. Ask your agent if that will be part of your bill or not.



Xfinity’s DVR is called the X1 Cloud DVR TV Box. With this device, you can record and stream content you want to watch, when you have time to watch it. The DVR gives you 150 hours of storage, which is much lower than DISH TV but plenty for most folks.

We like Xfinity’s DVR because it stores some of your recorded content (up to 60 hours) on the cloud so you can view it anywhere. You can watch any of this content on laptops, iPads, phones, and other devices on the go, like while you’re in a waiting room or sitting on a train. It also minimizes the need for extra DVRs in every room of your house, which can save you on equipment costs.



There are seven Xfinity TV remotes you can choose from when you sign up for Xfinity TV, including two voice remotes. Voice remotes let you find content quickly, without flipping through channels, remembering station numbers, or pushing a lot of buttons.

For instance, to find the Dallas Cowboys game, just push the blue button and say “Watch ESPN,” and presto. You’ve got it. (If only making snacks was that easy.)

When you sign up with Xfinity, you’ll select your brand of TV or audio equipment, and it will give you a list of compatible remote options.

Xfinity TV installation

When you sign up for Xfinity TV, you’ll be prompted to set up an installation appointment. An experienced technician will come to your home and set up TV service in each room you’d like it in.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can save on installation fees (which cost $60.00 to $89.99, depending on your location) by installing Xfinity TV yourself. Self-install also saves you the hassle of coordinating appointment times with an installation technician (although Xfinity offers a $20 credit if the technician arrives late).

If you want to install it yourself, order a Self-Install Xfinity TV kit for $15 when you sign up. Installing Xfinity TV is fairly simple. For more information on how to set it up yourself, watch this Xfinity self-install video.

Our verdict

Xfinity TV offers lots of entertainment options that won’t eat up your internet bandwidth, which is why some folks prefer cable TV to streaming services.

If you’re looking for just cable TV service, Xfinity is a tad more pricey than the competition. But when you bundle Xfinity TV with other services, it’s more cost effective.

Although Xfinity TV has faced criticism in the past for customer service issues, it’s been improving in that arena. Nine out of 10 customers we spoke with were happy with their service, which shows a lot of improvement.

Xfinity has garnered several awards in the past few years from J.D. Powers, ranking second in several regions of the US.

For the best value, we recommend bundling at least two services from Xfinity. Our favorite is Super Fast Internet + Popular TV, which includes 125+ TV channels and home internet with speeds up to 800 Mbps for $120.00 per month.

Get Xfinity Double Play today.

FAQ about Xfinity TV

Which Xfinity by Comcast packages include NFL football games?

Several Xfinity packages include NFL football. If you want to get in on all the NFL action, choose a Preferred Plan or above that includes NFL Network, and then add NFL RedZone for Sunday games.

Which Xfinity packages include HBO®?

If you’re looking for Xfinity packages that include HBO, you’re in luck—any Xfinity package can be customized to include HBO. It’s included in the biggest package (Ultimate TV), but you can add it to any package for $15 per month and watch favorites like Veep, Barry, Silicon Valley, Catherine the Great, Watchmen, and more.

What is Xfinity Stream?

Xfinity Stream is an app that lets you watch TV from any internet-connected device. Xfinity customers can download Xfinity Stream on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other device and watch cable TV from anywhere.

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