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WOW! Internet Plans, Prices, Speeds, and Availability

Top WOW! internet plans

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All WOW! internet plans

PackageStarting priceTop speedBuy now
Fiber 100$30.00/mo.*100MbpsShop WOW! Plans
Internet 300$30.00/mo.*300MbpsShop WOW! Plans
Fiber 500$50.00/mo.*500MbpsShop WOW! Plans
Internet 600$45.00/mo.*600MbpsShop WOW! Plans
1 Gig$60.00/mo.*1,000MbpsShop WOW! Plans
Fiber 1 Gig$80.00/mo.*1,000MbpsShop WOW! Plans
Internet 1.2 Gig$95.00/mo.*1,200MbpsShop WOW! Plans
Fiber 3 Gig$100.00/mo.3,000MbpsShop WOW! Plans
Fiber 5 Gig$185.00/mo.5,000 MbpsShop WOW! Plans

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Where you can get WOW! internet

WOW! provides cable internet to customers in eight states and its been busy building new fiber-to-the-home connections in some areas. WOW! no longer provides cable TV service, but you can get savings when you bundle home phone with internet and can save $10 per month when you add a mobile cell phone plan.

Here’s a list of areas where WOW! offers service:

  • Alabama (Auburn,  Dothan, Headland, Huntsville, Montgomery Valley)
  • Florida  (Central Florida, Panama City, Pinellas County)
  • Georgia (Augusta, Columbus, Fort Eisenhower, Newnan)
  • Michigan (Mid-Michigan, Southeast Michigan)
  • South Carolina (Charleston, Greenville)
  • Tennessee (Knoxville)
WOW! is expanding in Central Florida and Hernando County in Florida and East Central Michigan and Greenville in South Carolina.

Why choose WOW!?

WOW! offers fast, affordable internet whether you’re in an area that gets cable internet or one where you can get fiber.  Its 100Mbps fiber plan is the fastest we’ve seen for the money, and its fastest plans are much more affordable than what other national internet providers charge.


  • Excellent prices for the speeds you get
  • Mobile phone bundling
  • Wide range of speeds to choose from


  • Unusual price lock fee
  • No true TV bundles

How does WOW! compare?

The biggest competitors of WOW! Are DSL, cable, and 5G home internet providers. WOW! stands out for low starting prices in both its cable and fiber areas, but has stiff competition from Xfinity in some places. In others, where WOW! Completed with Spectrum, WOW! Is the clear winner on price.

Compared to 5G and DSL providers, we would usually recommend a cable or fiber internet provider such as WOW!

Fees are also a consideration when you’re shopping for internet. WOW’s $5 monthly price lock fee is unusual, but may be worth it to keep low prices as long as you’re a WOW! customer. We love that you don’t have to pay forWi-Fi equipment, but you’ll pay $10 for activation if you do the setup yourself. If you need a tech to come out, that price jumps to $99.

ProviderStarting priceTop speedsShop online
Xfinity $19.99/mo.*1,200Mbps
Spectrum $24.99/mo.1,000Mbps
T-Mobile Home Internet $60.00/mo.245Mbps
Provider Xfinity
Starting price$19.99/mo.*
Top speeds1,200Mbps
Shop online
Provider Spectrum
Starting price$24.99/mo.
Top speeds1,000Mbps
Shop online
Provider T-Mobile Home Internet
Starting price$60.00/mo.
Top speeds245Mbps
Shop online
Starting price$50.00/mo.§
Top speeds1,000Mbps
Shop online

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