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21 Brighthouse Networks Evaluación de clientes

Brighthouse was the absolute best network until it rained it would be completely down other than that it was great

Nina Simmons 2018-05-30

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Price is always going up. Service is good. And speed is really good in my area. But price is a huge fallback. Use to be Bright House now currently named spectrum.

Christina London 2018-01-08

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Great cable,great internet and phone,everything came like it was suppose to.when something wrong they came verY Quick to fix the problem.i really like the company.its a great look

SHUNTAE Seaton 2017-09-13

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Brighthouse was bought by Spectrum but are two separate companies inside this merger! They will not allow you to alter plans from brighthouse to spectrum. You can not get a spectrum high speed internet with a brighthouse plan because you are in the brighthouse bundle. You can not change to spectrum for the intro plan which is close in price to my brighthouse but can for the full new higher plan price. Why should a loyal customer have to pay for their merger. What a joke.!!! If you do quit brighthouse and switch to spectrum you have to pay a new installation charge for them which probably flipping switches or keys. So I am stuck with slow speed internet!!!!!

Eugene Quinn Valrico, FL 2017-06-04

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Ever since Spectrum bought out brighthouse, service hit the cellar. A week doesn't go by that I don't lose service.

Raymond Hatchett Orlando, FL 2017-04-18

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The price and speed of the network was easily negotiated and the company did their best to send out a Representative to set-up our internet swiftly.

Anna Boutin St. Petersburg, FL 2017-03-27

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I have had Brighthouse for a very long time and have found that they have done a great job in keeping up with the changes in the internet overall. Service is excellent, never a charge for fixing what's wrong and always fixes the problem. We have a large family and are always pushing our internet to the limits. It is normal for us to have 4 Xbox One's running with 2 computers,5 Iphones, a couple tablets and a couple HDTV's running at the same time.Lag is rare and connection issues are very rare. Overall we LOVE what we have and can't see changing anything anytime soon!

Daniel Sherick Livonia, MI 2017-02-25

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ROSA LINDA NEWMAN Kissimmee, FL 2017-02-04

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there is nothing good about brighthouse, except they are the only provider in my area other than DSL. I'd love to have choices - the internet is spotty (and it is ALWAYS somehow the fault of my firewall or modem - actually their internet goes down A LOT) customer service is practically impossible to get ahold of, and again - somehow randomly my firewall causes the internet to disappear, or my modem is showing that it is there when I have it unplugged. . yeah don't bother to call, sometimes if you complain enough you can get them to say they will give you a credit, and sometimes they even do. but you have to spend hours of your life to get it.

M Heath Winter Park, FL 2017-01-11

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love to have this i am 78 and love my internet to do things during the day.i enjoy every moment with it.its my fun time.thank you

Rosa linda Newman Kissimmee, FL 2017-01-05

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i love my internet i have arthritis in my back i have to sit 78 years old and the internet is my friend day and night~its a beautiful thing i do on my internet go places see things and have fun~thank you~Linda

Rosa linda Newman Kissimmee, FL 2017-01-03

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Very bad service company charges for service you don't get Aldo step up the price without your consents

Jean Castor Palm Coast, FL 2016-09-22

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I was happy that I lived in an area that had cable internet. The home I purchased never even had cable tv prior to my purchase. Cable tv and internet was installed as schedule with no issues. It's been about a year and half now and still very happy with the service. We stream movies and once and a while we do experience a lag but for the most part the speed seems to keep up. We have a wireless network in our home our modem. Everything works as it should. multiple devices, tablets, kindle, smart tv, laptops, desktop and our cell phones with also connect via wifi. No complaints. Love having cable internet. It is so much a part of our everyday lives.

Diane Wortman Brooksville, FL 2016-08-27

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I am pretty satisfied with my internet speed but I wish the price wasn't so expenisive or perhaps Brighthouse could include cable with the high price I am paying.

Joanne Gabruk 2015-12-16

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I would rate Brighthouse Networks with a score of six out of ten. Although I have the lowest price option for internet service offered in my area, it seems to "cut out" out often and we have to constantly reset the modem.

Gina M Pinellas Park, FL 2015-11-04

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I can really use a better internet service for my home, the one I have is slow at times and could use some updating

Christian Perez Haines City, FL 2015-09-21

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My speed for what we do on the Internet is outstanding, about thirty five mbs. That's why I gave five stars for teriffic speed. We have one desktop and two iPads. We also have two smart phones and a smart tv. Never an issue with slowing down. When my grandsons are here add two more smart phones, still no problem. I feel the pricing is ok, it's less that what I paid with another provider in a different state for the same service. The service both on the phone and when a tech comes out is exactly what I expect. Treat me with respect and get my problem resolved, what more can I ask for. I have had an occasion to go to the local office to replace some equipment and found them to be wonderful.

Mitch Shaw Ocala, FL 2015-07-27

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Well I work from home and seventy five percent of the time wireless devices have great connection and ninety percent of the time wired devices receive connection. Usually internet goes out once a day but if you call they are quick to can your area for any source of interrupted signal.

Ashley Kosik Orlando, FL 2015-07-09

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I have been with Bright House for over three years now. Theit technicians are very helpful and any issues I have are met in a timely manner.

Erin F 2015-06-27

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I have been pleased with the customer service effort of Brighthouse, but the internet speed has been a continuing disappointment.... the price is pretty much in line with other providers

Joe Spatafora Saint Petersburg, FL 2015-06-11

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The service was okay at times and other times it was crapy. I did not like the pricing it was outrageous in its own way.

Jacquelyn L Brooksville, FL 2015-05-22

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Bright House's internet speed is great if you get the highest speed, and you will have no problems. Besides the speed, I especially love their service is excellent. Everyone I've spoken to have been chipper and ready to take care of all my needs. It is a really great service overall.

Cheyenne Kemp Cocoa, FL 2013-08-14

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Cable connection is fine outside of outages, but the wireless signal seems to drop the connection at least every other day. You simply reset but it is annoying and frustrating if you are in the middle of something.

Herman Lowe Jr. 2012-04-26

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