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Horrible. Extremely rude costumer service. Problems with their automated bill pay service. Internet goes out often. Over charged. If we didn’t live outside city limits we wouldn’t even waste our time with this company. Currently looking to switch.

Kindal Weedin 2018-05-23

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Our computer is very slow maybe cause we live in greenish Maine I even bought a brand new computer but that didn't help,so I hope they can strengthen and make it faster soon

Melody Plourde 2018-05-07

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If you can use any other company please do ,Fairpoint classic is condescending and often rude to their customers ,They are always right and you are wrong,They do not treat your customers well nor care about their wants or needs,This is a horribly nrun company and In cant wait to get satelitte so we donthave ti deal with them .

Mary Hamel 2017-12-21

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I am not getting what I am paying for -- a consistent, reliable internet connection. Fairpoint drops my internet connection multiple times a day. I have to keep turning my modem off and on, and waiting for everything to restart. The company is responsive on the telephone, and sent a new modem, but that is not the problem. The problem is that the internet service is terrible, and they are not delivering what they promise. Now when Fairpoint drops my connection, X-finity appears on my computer telling me to sign up with them. That's a little intrusive, don't you think? A little scary? Fairpoint's product is terrible.

Anne Rosselot 2017-09-16

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very slow speeds DSL only available with promises the last 10 years of faster coming. drops internet 20 times a day customer service delays and delays and delays we think they know there is a larger problem and simply won't address it, keeps mailing us new modems, problem never is fixed we have to drive to Dunkin Donuts of the Library to connect to internet to answer Fairpoints emails. Ridiculous

Ron White Bennington, VT 2016-12-19

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I love the service it has great bundles to work with other companies to get good deals and discounts on other providers that work with them.

Frederick Ohmacht 2015-08-19

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Unfortunately fairpoint is the only provider in my town. For the past 2 years I'm told that they (fairpoint ) has new equipment in their office ready to install in my area. And yet I pay for three down and one up and actually connect at two point seven zero down and point seven zero up. I would like to get a better speed than what is offered in my town. In todays busy lifestyle with 2 teenage daughters always on the net and gamers in the house three/one is very unacceptable these days. Yet fairpoint could care less.

Scott L Troy, NH 2015-06-04

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We live in a fringe area a long way from the main office. We pay for DSL service and have nothing but problems from being dropped off line dozens of times per day to extremely slow loading of pages. We have reported it dozens of times but it hasn't helped. Were on an old copper line and Fairpoint will not install fiber because of where we live.

Joe C Bainbridge, GA 2015-06-01

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While not available in all areas, fairpoint "FAST" internet is very good. This is not to be confused with their DSL service (available in more areas but slower). I have the top tier service and it works great. I've had it for as long as fairpoint has been in NH (actually even longer since it was originally installed by Verizon before they left the state). Another review mentions speeds vary based on weather. I've never seen any evidence of that. In the years I've had service, it has failed twice. In both cases, they had service techs here within a day and addressed the issue. (One failed power supply for the indoor router/access point, one failed battery in the primary fibre interface).

Jeffrey Creem Nashua, NH 2015-01-16

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The biggest problem with FairPoint is that if it is rainy or snowy the internet is very slow. It is also slower if you run more than one device which we do. The customer service is pretty good although I am trying and have been trying to set up online payment for weeks now. They are always good on the phone and if we want to shop around when our year is up they always try to give us a better price. I think that for the speed we pay too much though.

Megan V Fort Fairfield, ME 2014-03-20

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