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4 Fidelity Communications Evaluación de clientes

***** for overall rating ***** for the service ****** pricing is ok ****** speed is good some days and not so good on some days

Kathleen Walker 2017-09-26

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They are very helpful and provide friendly techs to come out and check your equipment inside and out . You can call almost all the time

Kay Richeson 2017-09-13

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I love the service it works very well. Love the Wi-Fi have no problems. It's a little pricing but it's worth it. They know how to treat people get fidelity the best around!

Gabriel Mayfield Atlanta, TX 2016-11-25

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They have fast internet but the price we agreed on paying keeps changing. We are going to change our service to bundle with cable to see if we can get a better deal.

Rebecca Foughty 2015-07-09

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I have been back with this company for a year and i am very happy. My son can play his playstation or watch netflix at the same time i am downloading a big file and my wife is on facebook. there is no lag time. when we had a problem they credit our account for the time we were down and fixed our problem very quickly.

David White Rolla, MO 2015-03-19

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I have no problem with fidelity cable. Its the only game in town. customer service is good, service is pretty good, rates are going up. the Biggest complaint I have, is they show the same shows at the same time but on different channels. Doesn't leave the customer who pays for the service much selection. I have had no trouble with my internet service, except when something happens to the lines, the tv is gone along with the internet service. My internet speed is slow only because I can't afford the faster one.

Sharyn Bay Lawton, OK 2014-06-02

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