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I use Grande Communications only because it is the only cable provider I can use at my apartments. The cable and internet service is not as good as when I used Spectrum services at a different apartment complex, I pay so much more each month and get less cable channels and a lower internet speed as well. Will be moving at the end of my lease to find better cable/internet provider options.

Karen Morales 2018-06-05

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Service and pricing sucks. Have cable and internet in Waco Texas. Will be changing services next month when comtract expires.

Suzanne Machacek 2018-02-02

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The servicer has been good, the connection has been fine. No problems with the actual service or the speed. The price just seems to keep getting higher with more fees added.

Mel Hernandez 2018-01-02

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Grande Communications provides good service, reasonable pricing, great speed and good customer service.

Michael Neubauer Waco, TX 2017-05-04

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Grande Communications internet service has been great. Great service, fast internet and the service personnel are very knowledgeable. No problems.

Michael Neubauer Waco, TX 2016-12-07

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Horrible service, terrible connection, blackouts can last for days... if you rely on internet, do not get this service. We are moving to another apartment community and we will be using other internet provider even if it costs double.

Martynas K Corpus Christi, TX 2015-04-24

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There was a problem with pixelation and freezing screen and internet was less than ten mbps when I called tech services who sent two technicians that located the attenuation in the line to the house, replaced the line with new cable, put new connector ends on all wire terminations, and replaced the amplifiers. I now get one hundred and fourteen mbps download and eleven and a half mbps upload and every TV in the house has perfect signal.

Jay L Midland, TX 2015-03-27

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Grande Communication's internet service has been great, I could not ask for anything better, so that's why I am giving them four stars.

Michael Neubauer Waco, TX 2014-12-22

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I have been with Grandecom for about twelve years. They sent me a letter in regards to raising my rates for the TV service and tack on extra per month modem fee. I decided to eliminate my TV service to cut costs then called customer service to inquire about how much it would be for just my internet service. They stated my internet would increase by thirty percent and they would reduce the speed by half. Grandecom was great when I first signed up, but I guess customer loyalty means nothing to them.

David Noland San Antonio, TX 2014-12-11

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The customer service staff is the friendliest in town. I really appreciate that they have very narrow service call windows and always call a half hour before arrival.

Shemp DeYoung Corpus Christi, TX 2014-12-10

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When I first signed up with Grande, they were definitely the cheapest option and one of the few that offered JUST internet. Unfortunately, my bill has steadily rose over the last five years and I've realized I'm paying more for less bandwidth than I would at AT&T or Time Warner....and I'm probably getting a slower internet speed in all honesty. I've decided to go back into the market and found that I could pay five dollars more at one of Grande's competitors and get a significantly faster internet speed plus a phone line. All-in-all, I would have stayed with Grande had my monthly cost not risen so much since it wasn't necessarily a bad (or good) internet provider.

Breanne Miller Austin, TX 2014-12-05

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I have been super happy with the internet service provided by Grande Communications, but the monthly pricing seems outrageous for the internet only service. Internet service should not be cheaper with a bundled service. Unfortunately, I will be looking for a more affordable option.

Molly W Austin, TX 2014-09-11

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Grande Communications has excellent customer service, amazing bandwidth and cable channels (includes showtime), and deals that can't be beat. The only downside is that they don't offer existing customer discounts if you ever want to downgrade your current package. For example, you can keep your current rate upon calling and negotiating with them after the initial period with a cable/internet combo, but you won't get a discount for downgrading to just internet service.

Joshua Moran San Antonio, TX 2014-08-26

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Grande has the fastest Internet Service in my area. No other ISP comes close to their speeds but, sometimes, they tend to raise prices by a few dollars a month. However, now I have signed for a year and they have assured me that the price will not change. So far they have kept their word.

Abdul Rashid 2014-08-13

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Grande has about the fastest internet available in my zip code. Prices go up 2 or 3 dollars every other month, so you constantly need to re-bundle to stay ahead of their little game. Wish there was a dedicated high speed provider other than Grande who would give you a price and stay with it for at least a year. Service at Grande is a nightmare.

William Powell Midland, TX 2014-05-26

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I can not recommend Grande highly enough. fiber optic with service that is spectacular and prices that can not be beat. I have had 2 other providers that I will not name here and will only say that one was a nightmare and the other just a bad dream. with Grande I am in heaven and like this company so much even when google arrives it will be very difficult for me to want to switch.

Ralph Mcgahagin Austin, TX 2014-03-21

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we have grande, it is slow and unreliable, but it is cheaper than time warner or anything else in our area. There customer service is also pretty bad and install people don't take the time do the job right.

Christian Hartnett Austin, TX 2014-03-20

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