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It was the cheapest in our area. Overall, I would say HTC is good. I would love for it to be cheaper and faster though. They are good about fixing things when not working though. They are easy to get hold of and quick to fix the problem.

Fredrick Pauly 2018-01-24

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They are friendly and eager to help,but there dvr boxes are huge and do not work right most of the time.I have had three boxes brought to me and they all sucked waste of money. :(

Julie Brayman Martin, GA 2015-07-05

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HTC appears to be one of the few Internet providers in inland SC. The service rep that handled the installation order was friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. The installer was not. It took a call to Tech support to complete the configuration. Fortunately, support personnel were also friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Service appears to be very reliable. Cost for service appears rather high when compared to options in other areas and/or larger areas.

Steve M Longs, SC 2014-10-03

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Unfortunately, I moved to and now reside in a rural area. The population is only 3,500 in this small town - so I only have limited options. There is only two high speed internet providers, that I'm aware of. However, I'm pleased so-far with customer service even with very strong storms I've only experienced a few days of outage of service. I'm not interested in getting a land line and I already have Dish network for television viewing. So unless, I can find a suitable provider than can bundle services . . .I'll have to continue to use the only service that is currently available to me.

Bette Shapiro Waterloo, IL 2014-03-19

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