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Speeds are great, when your internet isn't off for 15 seconds at least 3 times an hour. Want to play games, stream movies, or do anything that involves a sustained connection? Pick literally any other provider. You can call them and ask about the random cutting and you'll hear about modem firmware, faulty lines, etc. Then that is it. If you don't persist, they have no interest in providing what you pay for. You'll get a tech or two out to your house, they will fumble around and change an ethernet cable and call it a day. Waste of time and money, don't make my mistake

John Fmetrocast 2018-06-13

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inconsistent tech support; outages come and go - no notifications; billing is high. so wish I had TDS or Spectrum - I have had both in previous towns and they were great

M Anderson 2017-09-24

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Frequent outages due to line breaks. Most CSRs are polite but don't seem that knowledgeable about the technology. Frequent slowdowns (molasses in january) during peak periods...not what I was promised, not what I pay for. Very few choices in my area so I'm stuck.

Anon. Custom Tappahannock, VA 2017-01-27

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We have speed tests always faster than the stated. We have an actual person with a direct line to call if we have any issues. Installation tech was very professional and did a great job.

Charles C 2016-04-04

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I love metro,but the price is too high for a poor man,i need internet cheap,but cant find it,icant operation a computer much,norman williams

Norman Williams 2015-06-27

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Metrocast internet service is relatively affordable and fast - we ordinarily stream videos or gaming on at least three devices in our household at a time with no lag time. However, our service frequently "drops" and goes out for five minutes at a time . Service techs are no help and can't seem to replicate the issue although it typically occurs several times a day.

Marianna Ballard Louisville, MS 2014-11-05

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I have had Metrocast for a few years now. I have had slight problems with them but everytime I have had a problem with it they have sent someone quickly to fix it. They are very quick to fix any problems with their system. The good thing is is that it is very rare I need o call them with a problem.

Dorise Powell Chaptico, MD 2014-10-15

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My internet service is very sporadic .

Charlie Forschner Hazleton, PA 2014-03-24

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