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"I am very satisfied with the reliability/accessibility of RCN..."

Hank Lawrence | Bethlehem, PA

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I found the speed and service very disappointing. it is not as promised. also very high cost for sometime service. considering change soon. customer service rarely helpful on phone after very long wait time.

Teresa Sulyok New York, NY 2015-08-23

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Internet speeds are frustratingly inconsistent. The variance is between one hundred Mbs and one point zero Mbs. Periods between four PM and eleven PM are particularly problematic. Service is fair to poor. Scheduling a service technician a few days out, does little to remedy a drop in service, right now. When the technicians do arrive, nothing out of order is discovered and no remedy is rendered. I wish there were a viable option.

James Kinney Chicago, IL 2015-06-17

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I am pleased with my internet. I never have trouble with this service. It is fast and never goes out like some companies. When I have to call RCN for anything I am always satisfied with the call.

Judi C Bangor, PA 2015-03-10

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the best, always hundred percent of internet. im almost four years with RCN... and very excited with service.

Edmond Mehana Chicago, IL 2015-01-10

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I have done a lot of comparison, fortunately I have options as to who my service provider is. I believe RCN does offer the best deal and have been a customer for over two years. When i have a problem it is solved. Although I would like them to reduce the need to send service technicians (why cant they just send me the modem to install myself?) they make it convenient to set up appointments and the service people are knowledgeable. My one gripe would be with their customer service interface to have a bit of an upgrade. At times I believe the IM function on the website is flawed and end up being kicked out without talking to anyone. It would be nice to have more customer service features available in a mobile app. This would make contacting them easier during times of service issues.

Christopher Arzoomanian New York, NY 2015-01-08

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I am very satisfied with the reliability/accessibility of RCN. I am particularly pleased with the service they provide. I have been an RCN customer for over ten years and they have always been prompt, polite, and helpful.

Hank Lawrence Bethlehem, PA 2014-12-31

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We were with RCN for almost 2 years already and I'm quite impressed with their service and speed. I've never had trouble as I have had with other companies in which my connection would be limited or die down often. The speeds always come out to be very close to the advertised stats, sometimes going to 1.5 times as much promised, even throughout the day when others are actively using their services. The pricing is my only concern, as providers have adapted this increasing price plan where you're guaranteed a great price as a new customer, but it just keeps going up each year. If it weren't for the hefty costs, RCN would score perfectly.

Alan P Brooklyn, NY 2014-04-14

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