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Scheduled for 4-6pm timeframe as we were moving in. Technician showed up at 9am with only 5min notification. As a result, lost reservation for moving truck, had to frantically move well into the night and made our day a living hell. VERY POOR customer service. Canceled cable service and just stuck with internet. Gonna stream with more channels at a significantly lower price. Horrible, horrible experience!!!

Don Guiles 2018-05-26

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Love Service Electric but because I pay a decent amount of money for a high mb/s I am disappointed because I usually only get around half that on a good day. Service is up all the time and no problems with weather or being down for maintenance etc.

Kyle S Wilkes Barre, PA 2015-09-24

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I was amazed from day one when I got the internet service I had some questions and when I called the service rep was very kind and knowledgeable and I was hooked that day to service electric

Elwood Hill 2015-03-10

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To exspensive not satisfied with service. Do not recomend it was better before all the changes they made and before merging with hazelton office

Missie Wilson Ashland, PA 2015-03-09

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I use Service Electric in Wilkes Barre PA. The service is very reliable and I have only experienced almost no outages and the outages were brief. No issues with gaming or streaming video - I love the service!

Frank Nappi Wilkes Barre, PA 2014-12-28

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Service Electric Cable-vision is much better than Verizon DSL - much more reliable. The price is quite high and the package deal is not really much of a deal.

Denise George Fleetwood, PA 2014-10-17

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I am not happy at all with my internet provider however they are sadly the only provider available in my area!! I which that they had more competition. I pay for a higher speed than I actually receive and it only works when it wants to. There service is ok but they do not make it easy. It will usually take several hours on the phone before they will send someone out and then once they send someone out it will usually take 2 or more trips before the problem is solved! :(

Angela Izzo Ottsville, PA 2014-03-21

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Service Electric is always attentive to our needs here and , when we had a slight slow connection, they were here the same day and got it all fixed. Never have had slow speeds through computers or front TV , but for some reason the TV in the back seems to disconnect alot, but that is the Blu Ray settings we believe.

Gary Emes Fleetwood, PA 2014-03-21

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