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I switched from Comcast to Sonic. I did it because the price is so much better. They also threw in a landline with the internet connection. It took a couple weeks to get it set up but the savings I get made it worth it. The times I had to call them were great too. I got a human voice from Santa Rosa. They were friendly and helpful and local. Glad I switched. When is ATT or Comcast going to buy them? That's my only concern.

TERRY ANTHONY 2017-07-20

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77/82 personas creen que esta reseña fue útil is an AT&T reseller, but their prices make me think that they're a standalone company! Speeds are great, 50mbps for a nice price. Support is great, has fixed issues I've had with no problem. Great area covered, great price, great support, A+ experience

Ryan Alexander Larkspur, CA 2017-06-26

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I switched from Comcast to Sonic last month. Sonic uses AT&T lines but charges far less than AT&T for comparable service. Connection speed is superior to what I had with Comcast; so far, reliability is also better. I give three stars for service only because it can take a couple of weeks to get Sonic installed. They're at the mercy of AT&T's schedule. I no longer use cable -- all entertainment is streamed from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Sling TV. I wish I had made the switch sooner, because I now pay far less for far better viewing options. Lesson learned -- the major players are never offering the best deals on Internet access. Do some checking and see if there are little guys who can give you a better price.

Peter Losh Pittsburg, CA 2015-07-12

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