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I really am happy with internet speed any of my guest get good conection on my guest wifi . I dont like that they are a littlle more pricey but its worth the extra money thank u

Megan Williams-durant 2018-06-14

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The service was good but their customer service is not. I signed a two year contract Sept. 2017 for a business account. Then in March 2018, I was terminated due to another tenant wanting all of the space in the building where I was renting. I have not been able to find another office space. Wave Broadband will not let me out of my contract which still has 17 months on it. Wave Broadband is not available to my home where I am currently working. After this experience with Wave, I will never use them again.

Michaelle Barnard 2018-04-29

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The worst cable company I even dealt with, their rental equipment doesn't work and they force you to rent, their internet speed is not what they promise, when I switch to another cable company after been a customer with them for many years that's when the nightmare started, I was up and running with my new cable company when out of nowhere a Wave truck pulls up to my pole line and cuts off my service without a single warning, their customer service is terrible, I won't never go back to Wave and most my neighbors have left Wave as well. Their is no value to have Wave

Lou M 2017-11-26

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The local people in West Sacramento all are happy to provide internet. The outside upper managers seem a little useless. The web service has had no trouble at my home. I stay connected. The bosses have no concept of what they provide. If you call you get a useless robot answer. The workers in the office and in the field know what is happening.

Matt Dakin West Sacramento, CA 2016-05-05

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Wave Broadband seems utterly unable to provide services that they promise (and for which they charge). The promised (and paid for) speeds never are achieved, even when the internet is available, and the service drops without notice several times a day, often for several hours at a time. You will be far better served to look elsewhere for internet access... that's what I'm going to do right now!

Carla W Sequim, WA 2015-12-22

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I have enjoyed the high speed internet from Wave Broadband because of the speed! The service has been fine. The only problem that I have experienced is the high cost!

Julie ANDREE 2015-08-06

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At times I would, say the provider is a good service, but there are times when going over the allotted gigabytes and get over charge I believe this is uncalled for. I would prefer that you pay for what you use, but with a set a lot just like prepaid phones.

Joe Hewson Port Orchard, WA 2015-07-03

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They took forever just to get a line to us, then when my roommate moved out, they scheduled a tech to take the router the next day, but couldn't even set up an appointment to hook me back up until after they checked it back in! I asked them to minimize my down time by having the same guy hook me up that unhooked my roommates, but they can't manage it. I went to Century link.

Windy P Port Hadlock, WA 2015-06-16

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Unless I go to satellite my choices are Wave Broadband or Wave Broadband. Have used them for 10+ years with technical problems requiring a house call about twice a year. Pricing is high and data usage limits are low compared to what you could choose from in an urban area. The customer service is fairly good - although they are seldom able to solve the problem at least you get the impression they try. The email dated and not worth using when compared to other free services like Gmail. The amount of space allowed for email is so low as to be a joke. Pricing seems to jump WAY up with no warning but that is just a consequence of various deals ending. I would be much happier with Wave if there were reminders or warnings of pricing and data limit changes. Without these I believe the company just encourages cranky customers.

Toni Gomes Camano Island, WA 2015-01-10

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small hangups, but quick sevice. I think the price is a little high i f you don't bundle. I don't bundle because tv package comes with my rent. So, therefore, costs too much

Brenda Nagel Port Townsend, WA 2014-04-15

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I now have wave broadband in a internet-phone-and cable package. I enjoy the service after Wave took over, but I still get pixelation watching TV sometimes. Thanks for the contest.

Chris Mckenzie Seattle, WA 2014-03-20

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In a nutshell, I have had the techs out to the house too many times. At one point, I pointed out that the techs had been out 6 times in two and half months and the customer service rep said that didn't seem like very many. We've had multiple problems and just when we think it is fully fixed, I now find out someone on their end has changed my log in phone number to my cell phone number and that's why I have been locked out of my account. And I had to find that out by taking a guess as to what the problem was since it has been 4 days since they "fixed" the log in problem. Once I was able to get into the account, I see they have reverted back to an old billing address that hasn't been used for 5 years. Pretty much bad service and technical issues since we began. Including one time when they sent our account to collections because they forwarded the wrong account number.

Mj Lane 2012-05-01

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