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Best Fiber Internet plans, pricing, and deals

Google Fiber Plans starting at $70.00/mo.

Free installation.

Google Wifi included.

No Contracts.

Discover other providers available in your area.

Best overall

Google Fiber 1 Gig


1,000 Mbps

Data cap: None

Best for Speed

Google Fiber 8 Gig


8,000 Mbps

Data cap: None

Best Google Fiber internet deals

Get the 1 Gig plan for $70 per month to have 1,000 Mbps speeds with no data caps and free installation.

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All Google Fiber internet plans


PackagePriceSpeedBuy now
Google Fiber 1 Gig$70.00/mo.*1,000 Mbps
Google Fiber 2 Gig$100.00/mo.*2,000 Mbps
Google Fiber 5 Gig$125.00/mo.**5,000 Mbps
Google Fiber 8 Gig$150.00/mo.**8,000 Mbps


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