Author: Janette Forsythe

What is a Backhaul?

When it comes to wireless internet access, you hear the term backhaul a lot.  Supposedly a backhaul improves the speed of your data communications access. In reality, without backhaul you would not have an internet connection at all.  A backhaul is the connection from the wireless cell tower to the internet. Initial Backhaul Speeds Until recently, in the majority of the cases, backhauls consist of one or two T1 line(s) (a synchronous 1.544 Mbps data pipe) or even a T3 data circuit (the equivalent of 28 T1 lines with a speed of 44.736 Mbps) as the connection to the...

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Is Net Neutrality Hurting Broadband Investment?

Although the Federal Communication Commission’s implementation of Net Neutrality has earned a largely positive response, some were concerned that the move could cause Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to reduce their infrastructure spending. For Americans still waiting for their chance for broadband access, that’s bad news.   Is the FCC to blame? On September 9, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai spoke at an American Enterprise Institute discussion regarding broadband infrastructure investment. According to Pai, ISP infrastructure spending fell 12 percent in the first half of 2015 compared to the first half of 2014. And Pai blames the reduction in spending directly...

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A Guide To Choosing an Online Education Program

It’s now easier than ever to attend college, as technology and the Internet broke down barriers of distance and time that can come between students and their educational goals. If these factors have kept you from furthering your education, perhaps online learning is right for you. There are many different online learning options available. Even if the concept is right for you, some programs will be a much better fit for you than others, just like with any educational choices you make. Here are some things to consider in your search for an online education. Accreditation Depending on your...

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Lead the Pack in Caring for Your Pet

If you’re a pet owner, you certainly want the best for your furbabies. On top of your schedule, managing vet appointments, grooming schedules, feeding times, and everything else that comes with having a furbaby can become overwhelming. Having pets can be almost like having human children with the time commitment, love, and scheduling it takes. To help you avoid overlooking anything important, you might consider getting a little help from technology. We’ve found five apps that can help you give the best to your pets. 1. DogVacay It doesn’t seem fair that your pet has to spend time in...

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Love in the Time of Technology: Apps for Couples

Between distance, unending responsibilities, and having only a limited number of hours in the day, couples don’t always get the chance to spend the quality time they want together. Even couples living under the same roof find it difficult to maintain intimacy, particularly when one partner has to travel often for work or family obligations. But in this age of technology, there is help. Apps present a new way to keep couples connected while embracing the tech-heavy nature of today’s everyday life, whether they are in long-distance relationships or live in the same home. Here are three of those...

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