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Never a service interruption, No down times, Never kicked off while Gaming.Can pay bill online or over the phone. Friendly service Same day home service Calls. We had Lightning hit near by and thing's seemed H inky, the Service Tech guy's were here within the Hour! OMG! They are PERFECT!

Jay Guthrie 2015-11-19

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The internet here is fast and the price is good! The only issue I have is that is goes out a lot of the time.

Brooke Owens Ekron, KY 2015-07-10

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Brandenburg Telecom LLC is not the best internet provider. They sort of have a monopoly in this area. To have internet service I have to have a land line phone so I have to pay for a phone service I really don't want. It is supposedly a bundle service but it's not really. Pricing is not that great, this is a rural area and it's more expensive than when I lived in Las Vegas, NV. The service it decent.

Peggy Hill Custer, KY 2015-03-04

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They'er slow and don't have good service. It's even freezing up while I'm typing this!

Jacob Sullivan Elizabethtown, KY 2013-02-08

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