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6 Buckeye CableSystem Customer Reviews

Buckeye Cable System has terrible Internet services! It slows down all of the time for no reason even without any other devices hooked into the WiFi. The modem drops connectivity all the time and needs to be reset manually or by a tech over the phone. Terrible and they never seem to care that the problems keep happening. They just offer apologies and no solutions beyond "reset the modem".

Jacob W Toledo, OH 2016-03-13

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I have had Buckeye Cable for the last year, and am satisfied with download speeds and minimum interruptions in service. I think that the price for basic internet after the 12-month contract is over is higher than what it should be. It is a twenty dollar increase per month from what I started paying.

Janna W Sylvania, OH 2014-12-26

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Internet pricing is outrageous. Wish they would offer unlimited Internet for a set price. Speed of Internet is average. Customer service is mostly helpful and nice at my location.

Jennifer Jones Sandusky, OH 2014-10-17

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I have always had great service from buckeye. If I have had a problem they have a great support team to get you through your problem.

Cathy Spohn Temperance, MI 2014-06-24

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Buckeye is very helpful whenever I have a problem and they are very prompt, they are one of the best Co. I have ever dealt with.

Cathy Spohn Temperance, MI 2014-04-22

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Love the product

Michael Spohn Temperance, MI 2014-03-19

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they are very good

Cathy Spohn Temperance, MI 2014-03-19

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Buckeye Cablesystem is horrible. They're high priced and will consistently try to over charge you. I ask them multiple times to pick up my cable box after I dropped it and kept the internet. They said they would but didn't. The very next month they tried charging me $650 for it and $10 for the remote. I went to AT&T Uverse and am paying the same price for cable and internet(higher speed) then I was with just internet with buckeye.

John Fox Toledo, OH 2013-06-06

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