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Download and Upload speeds are incredibly slow! The evenings are the worst as there is more demand on the network. Cable One is so slow my iphone will works better using cell data to play music. I am very unhappy, will look for another provider ASAP!

Kevin Maughan 2017-11-25

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When I near, not exceed, my monthly download max level, Cable One reduces my speed significantly, so that I can no longer stream PBS or Amazon videos. e.g. .Today is an example. My usage and billing cycle doesn't end until midnight on 11/7. However, since last night around 10p, my internet wifi speed is too slow to stream PBS or Amazon video.

Judy Brewer 2017-11-03

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VERY good service in the morning but it will get slower in the afternoon child is doing school work and then it will freeze up and he needs it to do his work he has adhd so we really need it.hard to pay for the service

Clarence Smith 2017-07-15

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CableOne internet is faster than my computer. I rarely have service issues and when I do, they repair the issue right away. This service is so much faster and more reliable than any I've had in the past, I could not imagine wanting another provider.

Mary Estrada Safford, AZ 2017-06-03

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We were forced to upgrade our internet because Cable ONE said we were going our data plan. I had cut out the cable television portion in an effort to lower my bill and now they are charging me for Gamer/Streamer plan. Received a letter stating it was the 3rd time we went over our plan without getting notice 1 or 2. We used to have "unlimited" plan and when I asked about that, I was informed there wasn't an unlimited plan for years now. Service calls are between 8-5 and once they didn't even come for the call between that time period after waiting all day. The Service people were friendly and did their job effectively. The scheduler was the problem.

Wendy McBride Port Lavaca, TX 2017-04-25

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they are the only option is this small town, so service sucks, and pricing is a lot higher than larger towns, speed is better than any other here but not on par with big metro areas

Tom Mosier Show Low, AZ 2017-03-16

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The internet speed has got to be the best that is offered in this area. What makes them so difficult to keep as the internet provider is the billing. There customer service department has not been an impressive group of people. The installation guy came, set up the line, when he was done, he didnt stay around to see if the modem was working properly. I had to hook the modem up myself without any instruction from him or yhe box the modem came in.

Stephanie Robison Bonham, TX 2016-08-28

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I requested information by email on the data speed delivered to my home. The answer was that they could not discuss account information with email. I have to assume that is to avoid having the true speed revealed in writing since knowing the true speed reveals nothing related to my account. It does reveal there may be a big difference between what is promised & what is delivered.

George Hicks Anniston, AL 2016-08-24

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Absolutely impossible to communicate with these people. They have never responded to my emails. If I have a fast internet connection it is the slowest fast I have ever experienced. Looking, looking, for an alternative now.

Mary Vincent Prescott, AZ 2016-06-27

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I have done three speed tests on our internet this morning. All coming back with download speeds that are dismal. Unfortunately, I cannot post them in this review. It was pretty bad though. I have take screen shots and will be sharing them on facebook. Their customer service is non existent. I dread having to deal with them because they are very rude. They know they are the only option available to our area, and they treat us, as customers like they have zero interest in keeping our business. Before moving out here, we had options and our internet was higher quality at half the price. I would love to see some competition in our area. I would love to pay my hard earned money to a different company.

S Devin Van Alstyne, TX 2015-09-08

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Customer service is the best thing about this company. Price is high and internet sucks. There is always an upgraded modem, speed is fast when you first get it but for some reason it slows down and times out a lot. Looking for other options in my area.

Cordell Holter Pascagoula, MS 2015-07-07

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Cableone provides my internet service because they're the only company where I live that can serve this home (does not include satellite providers). Cableone is on the free access list to "ESPN Three" via computer, which I like and use a lot, but for some odd reason they DON'T allow subscribers to use an Apple TV device to stream that same "ESPN Three" content to my TV. It makes no sense at all and because of that, I knock their overall rating down by a star. Other than that, they're pretty good although they're a bit pricey imo.

John Stanton 2015-04-04

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I was happy with the speeds and reliability I had with Cable One. However, their pricing has gotten high while customer service is practically non-existent. I'm changing my internet provider due to the lack of customer service on Cable One's part.

Eric Rogge Homedale, ID 2015-03-30

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Cable One is the easier provider to deal with, the packages can seem like an affordable option but after all the fees the first bill surprises you. Most of their contracts are for two years and after the first year the deals that you enrolled with end and the price goes up, you are then locked into this price for a year. Eeek, I dont like contracts.

April Showers Fargo, ND 2015-03-20

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good service .a bit on high side for price.friendly staff.on time for installation.easy to get ahold of them if problems.

Shelly Ford Norfolk, NE 2015-01-03

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Cable one is reasonably priced! Easy to follow guide for cable & internet, and they also allowed us to purchase our modem to use. Customer service gets an A+ rating!

Adrienne Holder Gulfport, MS 2014-12-11

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Speeds are OK, but can be faster. Especially upload speeds are suffering capping out only at three mbps. Service is good, no issues.

Oleg Bukhantsov Meridian, ID 2014-12-10

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We use our internet to be connected to multiple devices through out the day, it hardly has issues. Everyone once in a while the Chromecast and internet speed combine for a very long wait sometimes :) but overall awesome and great puce!

Jennifer Sorenson Fargo, ND 2014-11-04

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We have been very happy with our service. We had a slower speed for just a little less and we called and they gave us a faster speed and unlimited usage for little a month more. Very useful for work, school and movies. Watching Netflix and Hulu on both iPads and the Wii and no problems!

Brittany Walker Joplin, MO 2014-10-30

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Cable One consistently provides us with good service and the internet speed is very good. Very good customer support.

Cheryl Brockman Taft, TX 2014-10-28

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Cable One's internet is speedy and offers fast downloading. The service is very reliable. Cable one's technicians give clear easy to understand instructions via telephone. If you require a home visit, they arrive on time and answer any question you may have.

Teresa Pritchard 2014-10-16

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Cable one is always there when I need it! I love that I have a local office to go to when I need assistance with anything! I have recommended Cable one to everyone moving to our area!

Jamie Sian Joplin, MO 2014-10-10

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I have used Cable one for years!! Its so convenient to have my cable and internet with one company! I have been offered other services by other companies, but I'm loyal to Cable one!!

Jamie Sian Joplin, MO 2014-09-22

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This provider provides good speed provided you do not go over set download requirements. Then your speed is dramatically reduced from average moderate speed to one half speed. They do not deliver anything close to the fast speed as advertised.

Karen Rose Prescott, AZ 2014-08-19

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I live in a very rural area of West Tennessee and the best option for me is cable Internet through my local cable provider. I have been a cable Internet subscriber for several years now and I am fairly happy with it. I do see outages too often, sometimes lasting a few hours or more, which makes me unhappy since I work from home doing freelance work online, and therefore I cannot give them the highest rating because of that. But overall they are up most of the time. Whenever I need actual customer support, I usually get it pretty quickly via a toll-free number, however the problems have usually been caused by local outages and not any fault of my equipment, so I just have to wait until the problem has been solved on what I suspect is very old wiring to my remote area. This is not part of a package deal, I subscribe only to cable Internet, and therefore I'm paying a premium price for high-speed connection. But it is fast and as I said fairly reliable, and something of a bargain compared to the very few other DSL and/or wireless providers that service my rural area.

Deborah Anderson Friendship, TN 2014-07-22

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The price is great for the speed they offer, but you rarely are able to download at that speed. The internet has constant lag has spikes from dawn to dusk, the only time when you can actually play games or stream movies without these huge spikes in latency is in the middle of the night. If you intend to use the internet for gaming, do not use this service provider.

Austin T Meridian, ID 2014-07-13

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The price is good as long as you are getting what you pay for. But I don't get what I pay for I pay for 50m high speed, but have to reset my connection all the time. It really sucks when you are in the middle of game time and internet goes. I really want a different provider but they are the only provider with high enough speed in my area for gaming. I don't recommend Cable one for gamers, but if you are in the ocean springs Mississippi area you kind of don't have any other choice.

Coleen Zarley Vancleave, MS 2014-06-27

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need to call for service at least once a month, internet dropped for minutes at a time nearly everyday

John Patterson Borger, TX 2014-06-24

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I have had high-speed Internet access from Cable One for many years and have always been very satisfied. On rare occasions I will experience a slower connection, but it's usually related to issues with my computer. When there is an issue that seems to be related to my service provider, I call and immediately get help with my issue. Within minutes my problems are solved and I am back online, enjoying my speedy connection. I think Cable One high speed Internet access is fantastic!

Meris N Pascagoula, MS 2014-06-06

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The prices are very High. Like the service just not the cost. Would like to have a lower rate w/o the having to combine other services.

Angelita Hersman Sherman, TX 2014-04-15

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Cable One internet service is fast which is the most important to me so they would get 5 stars alone for that. Price runs about $50 a month which is a little high. Additionally, you need a special router which you could buy for around $180 from a select retailer or rent one from Cable One for $8 a month. I've had problems in the past with my internet disconnecting quite a bit which is super annoying but to give them credit they do come out for free and try to figure out your problem. Service technicians have always been friendly and helpful.

Kimberly D Joplin, MO 2014-03-18

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