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Cincinnati Bell fiber 600Mbit service has been blazing fast extremely reliable, with 0.000 downtime for more that 2 years. Plus they have outstanding customer service and very competitive pricing. CBell is fiber is the obvious choice if it's available in your area.

Dan Rafferty 2018-05-26

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Have dealt with Cincinnati Bell for over 48 years. Their internet speed is at times very slow. Their prices have become entirely too much & I refuse to pay them their outrageous fees. If we cannot get them to lower our bill we will be exploring other options for our phone, internet & tv.

Betty Poettker 2018-04-20

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Service is good not for sure the speed but the pricing I don't like the games they are playing with us now that they have us as a customer they have raised the price atleast $50.00 and didn't tell us so we are trying to find another provider

Kenny Oehler 2017-09-01

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I need my internet for school and if I dont have the money to pay it I can not get my school work done

Lela Sellers Norwood, OH 2016-12-30

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The quality of service is good and the speed is O.K.. Once in a while, the speed is slow especially when using news sites. The speed is satisfactory when using most sites. Their pricing is much too high. They are going to raise our user fees by $5.00 per month starting January 1, 2017. This increase is between 8 and 9 percent, which is way too much for an average consumer. I had no pay raise for 5 years. I gad to give a 2 for the overall rating due to this huge price increase.

Bernard Sandman Newport, KY 2016-12-29

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Switched from dsl to their fioptics, suppose to be better quality , faster speed etc. Service has been out five times since the change in Dec. Three time in the last week. I am ready to start looking for another provider.

Charlie C Erlanger, KY 2016-04-05

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I have the fioptics through Cincinnati Bell and it works good.The price package is awesome.I do have minor issues, sometimes the speed is slow but not too often considering all of the devices that are using it.If the price is right, I will continue using Cincinnati Bell.

Colleen Newman Cincinnati, OH 2015-01-06

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This internet has it times of day that it just wants to drop offline. But any other time it is great internet with speeds are high at times an other times it just seems it drops out the botttom. But I really feel that I could so do better with another provider.

Jack Stultz Cincinnati, OH 2015-01-01

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This is a decent company, but they are overpriced. Service is okay. I wish the speed were a little faster. Sometimes my internet buffers.

Rick Warne Cincinnati, OH 2015-01-01

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I have never had better service than I have with Cincinnati Bell. I have a home wireless network with them and it never drops, skips, or is slow. The only reason I give 3 stars to service is because the only time I have needed them was when they initially set up my service. Fioptics is the best and I will look for it wherever I buy a house.

Audrey Smith Hamilton, OH 2014-05-26

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My internet service from Cincy Bell is pretty decent. The speed is sufficient. I do find that my wi-fi signal gets dropped from time to time which is not good if I am doing work for my online classes. Of course I wish the service were cheaper but doesn't everybody.

AMY STEPHENS Cincinnati, OH 2014-04-07

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I use Cincinnati bell zoomtown, it is not that good. My wifi is constantly going out and my internet is very slow. I would switch but it is the only option where I live.

Jessica Applegate Batavia, OH 2014-03-20

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Cincinnati bell is a good server, however it can get really slow :(... I sometimes do not like the service given at the store when i went

Kay Rite 2012-04-26

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