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Internet is sometimes unreliable and slow, cable is usually good. The pricing is unreasonably high. Unfortunately there are no other providers in the area.

Vilana Lane 2018-05-29

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As the only broadband internet provider in Brevard, NC, Comporium seems to feel invincible. I've had an internet account with them for 6 years now. I forgot to pay the bill one time last month and they deleted my account. Not suspended, not disconnected - deleted. To get the service back, I'd have to open a new account and wait 3 to 5 business days to be reconnected. There was not apology or acknowledgment of error from Comporium. Instead, they've sent me a snarky email with terms of service stating that the company reserves the right to cancel service for any or no reason without explanation. Canceling an account of someone who's been paying $55 a month for the past 6 years just because of one missed payment is a very poor business strategy, to say the least. The internet connection was good enough on good days and spotty in inclement weather. Pricing is not low considering what I've been paying for a basic internet account. For higher broadband speeds, you have to pay more. Customer service is absolutely ridiculous, as the example of my experience shows. They may be the only broadband provider in town but, fortunately, there are several satellite services available.

Anna Wagner 2018-05-26

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Comporium is a decent provider. However, their pricing is very steep in comparison to other providers in adjacent cities. Their Cable service is pretty reliable, but I had a lot of issues with their Fiber service. Their tech support is incompetent too.

Michael DAprix Rock Hill, SC 2015-09-23

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The service is great, but the account management sucks.

Jessica Snavely 2012-10-26

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