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Terrible, terrible, terrible service and expensive rates. Worst internet service provider in NY. If you can avoid using them, you absolutely should. Use any other company you can. They are now Consolidated Communications. Avoid this company at all costs. Use any other company you can. As soon as any other service is available, we look forward to cancelling our account with this terrible company.

Joseph B. 2018-05-06

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Internet service is terrible. Their customer service is good as far as they can help. Techs are out to my house constantly trying to patch the failing lines. The company has no interest in upgrading lines to customers who live outside a major city. Plus, they have increased the "Maintenance" fee without providing any improvement.

M S 2018-04-17

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Consolidated is the only fiber internet provider nearby whose speeds compete with Comcast. Consistently over 50 Mbps. Prices are cheaper than what I was paying with Comcast. Happy customer.

Casey Myers 2017-11-29

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Worst internet service ever. Have been on the phone with techs probably 20 hrs in the last 2 yrs and speeds are still horrible and intermittent. They can't fix it. Not sure why we are getting dial up speeds in 2017. Would not recommend them to anyone unless you want AOL speeds from 1996. Switching to satellite today.

Matt Myer 2017-09-15

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The worst service provider I ever had. Thing twice before you buy their service. Internet comes and go, with more go than comes. Slow, not meeting what you contracted. No way, stat away from this guys.

Jorge Salazar Montgomery, TX 2016-06-06

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