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i left comcast to try fiber optic from epb and i have never been more satisfied with my internet service , ever. i dont have problems with my service or with their billing. comcast could not fix issues on my service for months, they told me it was me inside wireing, nothing changed but my service provider and i have no more problems, i should have changed years ago to epb. the service is supper, the prices are great, and i have more speed than i could ever use. i have 5 streaming device in my house and at least 2 to 3 running night and day and still have wifi to all my devices and network printers. good work epb. thanks for the great service you provide.

Robert Pedigo Soddy Daisy, TN 2014-12-16

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A great price for fantastic speeds. More bandwidth than we could ever use and we're very heavy users with online FPS-heavy gaming, 2 devices streaming video and frequent downloading (often all simultaneously), we've never had a problem. No issues with billing, but we have their electric as well and have had to deal with customer service on that account and have been satisfied. Getting connected is super-easy and free as long as you keep the service for a year. We LOVE EPB!

Lauren Allen Lookout Mountain, GA 2013-03-12

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