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I love my internet service provider . I live in a super tiny small town in the middle of nowhere and i have great speed and service , as i was so excited when they upgraded and put in all the fiber optic lines , as it made things even better than before . Before I went with Farmers , I actually had hughesnet and its a satellite internet provider . I was so sad becuz it was not so great :( ! I didn't know what I was going to do becuz at the time farmers didn't offer high speed internet in my area so i had no choice , so like i said I'm so glad that they spread out and upgraded their lines so that I could take advantage of their awesome service . their customer service is impeccable , they are all so polite and helpful , and if ur service ever goes down they work you through ever step to get things back on track !!So since leaving the big city areas and moving to this small town , I am highly impressed by Farmers and wish that everyone could experience the excellence of a company like mine ! :)

Crystal Leon Flat Rock, AL 2014-06-22

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