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While it's it is true, like in a fleet of ships, that you only travel as fast as the slowest ship, GVTC sells 100 up and 100 down. At my home, I "test" with various entities and achieve mid 80s BOTH WAYS. Reality, of course is when you add a few hops, the slow ship scenario kicks in. Remember, that if you go to the same place regularly, you can route around a particularly bad hop and improve speed. Not worth the time unless you have to travel to the same spot daily. Not a big fan of GVTC, even though I've been with them since 1979 (yea, really), but THEY DO DELIVER WHAT THEY CLAIM.

Davie Robertson Bulverde, TX 2017-03-13

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I have been a customer of GVTC for the past 20 years. GVTC has done a great job of leading broadband services in the Texas Hill Country. GVTC offers Fiber gigabit services in much of its service area now and is continuing to overbuild fiber. I am on a cable modem set-up with 100mbs but expect to have access to fiber and up to a gig in the coming months. I have been very happy with GVTC, their customer service, technical support and the quality/reliability of the products and services to which I am subscribed.

Tom Hearn Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 2017-03-02

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