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Small lodging biz owner here... I just want to say that Yelcot is awesome! 200+Mbps download, 20+Mbps upload. I'm in a rural area, at the very edge of their coverage area, and I have a fiber drop right in my office/house. They are currently installing wireless to all our lodging, and are able to provide that top speed to every unit. We've been here 17 years, and although the fiber (and this current speed) has not always been available, Yelcot has always treated us great and whenever there is a problem? Sometimes they literally show up within 15 minutes.

Julie Raines 2018-05-19

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Their DSL (512mb )is NOT fast enough to watch streaming video and they do NOT have anything faster available. The only thing good about it is that it is faster than dial-up. AND they have a monopoly on the service for my area... Disappointing--checking into satellite service....

James Evans 2012-05-05

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