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I've been with consolidated sinse they were called surewest broadband or even there network is always fast i've only had one problem with them it's been billing every month there was some new tax or hidden charge even though I had a locked in couple of year price.. oh yeah there cable tv boxes seam to stop working around the time they offered all the free pay tv stations..Even though these problems were so frequent there customer service reps always found a way to reduce the bill and usually throw a hbo/showtime or cine max package on for free for all the was still every month,,started to wonder if they were screwing the bill up just to here from the cant beat the quality of fiber optics high speed internet or voip phone service..

David Paddelford 2015-04-11

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i believe the cost is too high. Numerous times the internet is unavailable. I tried to bundle to keeps the costs down.

Joyce O Arthur, IL 2015-01-28

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well it turns off a lot and we trouble shoot for wi-f Also the cable is slow and digital go off and on and bills a like a lot money a mth!!!!

Sara P Citrus Heights, CA 2014-10-21

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I love Consolidated the wifi is so quick we have six smart phones and it is amazing how fast everyone connects

Angela Bounds Lufkin, TX 2014-09-15

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I have had problems with this provider for years. My internet is slower than it should and they have come out to fix it many times. I feel I pay way too much for what I get, especially since I have to reboot the internet at least a few times a week since it takes me down to limited service for no reason. If two people are on the internet,it becomes very slow to load and watching videos is like a slideshow at times. Wish I could find a better internet service or mine would be fixed correctly.

Denise Bigley Tarentum, PA 2014-04-14

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