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About North State Communications Internet

North State Communications is a DSL provider, which means they deliver service through your traditional phone lines. Internet service enters the house through a common phone outlet, which is connected to a DSL modem. From here you can connect your wifi router or use an Ethernet cable.

You need Internet, phone, or television service for your home or business, and you're not sure where to look. Maybe the standard bundles that are available at national providers don't fit your needs or you are struggling to find a company that provide service to your area. If you live in North Carolina, take a look at North State Communications and find out more about the quality communications services they offer to the state of North Carolina. If you're looking for residential service, there are several benefits to choosing North State Communications. Possibly the best reason to choose this company is its Internet speeds. It is one of the first North Carolina companies to introduce gigabit fiber-optic Internet. Gigabit Internet allows you to reach download speeds as high as 1 Gbps, which is hundreds of times faster than what most DSL and cable companies can offer. Not only does gigabit Internet allow you to surf the Internet, play games, and download more quickly, it actually improves your television viewing experience as well. With a television plan from North State Communications, you can get access to over 250 channels and free HD. Since your plan includes gigabit Internet, you get the clearest, crispest high definition viewing experience possible. Another benefit of this service is the fact that it comes with North State TV2GO, a service that gives you the freedom to watch your television shows anywhere you have access to an Internet connected device. No more sitting around waiting for your shows to start‰ÛÓyou can check out your shows at the local coffee shop, on the road, or while waiting for an appointment. Business services from North State Communications meet the same high quality standards as their residential plans. You can connect your business to the Internet with speeds as high as 1 Gbps. Other services you may add to your business account include cloud voice, messaging, and cloud storage. Dedicated fiber-optic connections ensure that you don't have to deal with inconvenient lags in service. Learn more about what North State Communications offers and how they can improve your residential or business Internet experience.

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