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Rise Broadband Plans, Prices, Speeds, and Availability

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Top Rise Broadband internet plans

Rise Broadband internet plans

PackagePriceSpeedBuy now
Internet 25 Mbps$35.00/mo.25 MbpsShop Rise Broadband Plans
Internet 50 Mbps$45.00/mo.50 MbpsShop Rise Broadband Plans
Internet 25 Mbps Unlimited$55.00/mo.25 MbpsShop Rise Broadband Plans
Internet 50 Mbps Unlimited$65.00/mo.50 MbpsShop Rise Broadband Plans

Best Rise Broadband internet deals

Get unlimited data and free installation with speeds up to 250Mbps for plans starting at $45 per month. Offer ends 4/30/24.

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About Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband is one of the largest wireless internet providers in the country, bringing broadband speeds to many rural areas that lack internet infrastructure. Rise also offers business services and has begun investing in fiber-optic networks in some parts of Texas.

Why choose Rise Broadband?

Rise Broadband offers basic broadband speeds at a reasonable price. For rural customers, it’s a much cheaper option than satellite internet, and it provides a more reliable, lower-latency connection. Its unlimited data plans also make it possible to enjoy data-intensive activities like streaming video without worrying about having your speed throttled or purchasing additional data.


  • Unlimited data options
  • Low-cost options
  • Coverage in rural areas


  • Low max speeds
  • Hidden Fees
  • Line-of-sight signal requirement

How does Rise Broadband compare against competitors?

Rise Broadband is one of the most affordable fixed wireless providers and has much wider coverage than many of its competitors.


What equipment does Rise Broadband require?

Rise Broadband connects your home to the internet by installing an antenna on your roof. This antenna is pointed directly at a nearby transmitter, providing a direct and stable wireless connection. The antenna connects via ethernet cable to a router inside your home, which you can use to set up your home Wi-Fi network.

Can I stream movies over a wireless connection?

Streaming 4K video from services like Netflix requires a download speed around 25 Mbps, which Rise Broadband can easily provide. Streaming video also uses a large amount of data, so make sure you opt for an unlimited data plan if you’re a frequent Netflix user.

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