Author: Cosette Jarrett

Surprising Instagram Statistics from Coachella Weekend One

Coachella Weekend One has come and gone but there’s still plenty of festival vibes to go around. Weekend Two is here, which means thousands of lucky attendees are gearing up for an amazing weekend in the California desert. Although we’d all like to think that music and comradery are the main focuses of festival-goers, these days, one of the most important factors is: where, when, and how the perfect Instagram pic will be taken. If you’re on a mission to earn your most-liked photo at Coachella this weekend, you could probably stand to benefit from a few pointers from...

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The Next 10 Cities to Get Google Fiber

Where will Google Fiber go next? You’ve heard the rumors, but don’t panic. Fiber is far from dead. Here’s a peek into Google’s plan to deliver 5G and where we think they’ll take it first. Google has officially announced a halt to all fiber to the home development for the next six months, but this certainly isn’t the end of the road for Google’s gigabit internet service. Google has filed a license with the FCC to begin testing fixed wireless in 24 cities across the country. The company is taking to the skies, hoping to utilize 5G technology to bring gigabit speeds without the messy bureaucracy that has made developing fiber for the home such a difficult endeavor. If fixed wireless enables Google to move beyond their current city criteria, we believe some key areas could become the next lucky recipients of inexpensive gigabit internet. We crunched the data and expanded beyond the current list of cities Google is exploring to see where fiber might go next. Our research revealed that each of the current Google Fiber cities share a set of interesting qualities such as: Lack of Current Fiber Coverage & Speed: Google leans towards bringing fiber to cities that have less coverage than typical, where an affordable, fast internet can make a big impact in the community. They’ll also reap the benefits of plenty of potential subscribers with less...

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Technology that Connects Service Members and Their Families

Summer is in full swing and Father’s Day is right around the corner. For many of us that means a weekend full of barbecues and vacations with Dad, but for some it means hopping online to have a video call with their military hero abroad. This is why the team at HSI has created a visual guide to the best tech to help military members abroad connect with their loved ones at home this Father’s Day. We know that our deployed military members rely heavily on the support of their families to protect our nation’s freedoms, and we hope that this resource will help in at least some small way to make connecting with their loved ones a little easier. Please feel free to share this resource with your friends and...

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Why Is Time Warner Cable Internet so Slow?

The popcorn’s popped, blankets are out, and you’re about to start a movie. There’s just one problem — your Internet is lagging and Netflix is struggling to load. If your Time Warner Cable® Internet is slow, read on to find out what the issue could be — and how to fix it.   What Can Affect My Internet Speed? Downstream speeds are often pinpointed as the main cause of slow Internet, but there are actually multiple other issues that could be slowing down your connection.   Latency: Latency or ping — a measurement of how long it takes before...

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Should I Use My Apartment’s Preferred ISP or Get My Own?

Setting up Internet service is usually at the top of the to-do list when moving into a new apartment. Some apartments come pre-wired for Internet with a selected Internet Service Provider (ISP). Depending on your specific situation, this can be an extra convenience, or it can be limiting — especially if you have specific Internet needs that the preferred service doesn’t offer. If you want to upgrade the Internet that is available at your new apartment, or choose a new Internet provider all together, here is some food for thought.   Pros of Using a Preferred ISP Sticking with...

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