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Best TV and internet bundles 2020

PackageInternet speedChannel countPriceView Plans
Best for sportsDIRECTV ULTIMATE All-Included Package + AT&T InternetUp to 100 Mbps250+$114.98/mo. for first 12 mos. with 24-mo. agreementView Plans for DIRECTV
Best for the basicsRCN
Digital Basic TV + 50 Mbps Internet
50 Mbps55+$29.99–$39.99/mo.View Plans for RCN
Best cable TV and internet packageSpectrum Silver Double Play200 Mbps175+$114.98/mo.View Plans for Spectrum
Best fiber internet bundleVerizon Fios Gigabit Connection + The Most Fios TV940 Mbps425+$149.99/mo.View Plans for Verizon

Whether you’re looking for a basic, cheap internet and TV package or something that gives you the best of both, there’s a bundle for that.

Bundles can be highly customizable—providers usually offer combinations of every TV package and every internet speed they have, which makes for dozens of bundle options available for each provider. Of course, not every option is going to be available in your area, but you’ll still have room to make choices.

For example, if you don’t need the fanciest connection, RCN’s Digital Basic TV + 50 Mbps Internet package is a great starting point. It’s inexpensive and offers good internet speeds for one or two people.

If, on the other hand, you want a ton of options and need a lot of bandwidth for a full house, going with a fiber internet bundle from Verizon Fios or something more customizable like the Spectrum Silver Double Play (where you can choose to bundle any internet speed) might fit your entertainment needs a bit better.

Deal Alert:

Cox is waiving installation fees on certain bundles. And Spectrum offers contract buyouts up to $500 when you sign up for select Double Play and Triple Play bundles. Check out the best deals on internet and TV bundles in our deals roundup.

Which providers offer internet and TV packages?

ProviderChannel countInternet speedsPackages
(bundles with AT&T TV, DIRECTV)
65–330+100 MbpsView Plans
(bundles with AT&T, DIRECTV, and DISH)
155–330+10–940 MbpsView Plans
Cox75–250+10–940 MbpsView Plans
(bundles with DISH)
190–290+6–115 MbpsView Plans
Frontier FiOS125–130+50–500 MbpsView Plans
Grande40–400+300–940 MbpsView Plans
Mediacom170+60–1,000 MbpsView Plans
Optimum220–420+200–1,000 MbpsView Plans
RCN55–295+25–1,000 MbpsView Plans
SparklightUp to 100100–300 MbpsView Plans
Spectrum125–200+200 MbpsView Plans
Suddenlink200–340+100–1,000 MbpsView Plans
Verizon Fios125–425+200–940 MbpsView Plans
WOW!25–250+100–1,000 MbpsView Plans
Xfinity10–245+25–1,000 MbpsView Plans

Pro Tip:

Looking for more information about TV? Check out our guide to TV types to learn about the pros and cons of cable TV, satellite TV, and streaming services.

What is a bundle?

Bundling is when you get two or more services from the same company (or sometimes partnered companies). Usually, internet can be bundled with TV or home phone services. You sign up for both at the same time for a streamlined, one-stop shopping experience—and the services can usually install at the same time as well.

Most internet providers have a TV bundling option, even if the provider doesn’t have its own TV service. For example, CenturyLink offers modest discounts when you bundle TV services through AT&T TV, DIRECTV, or DISH.

Putting TV and internet services together is called a double play, and adding a third service, like home phone service, would make it a triple play. Some providers also offer things like home security or home automation services to bundle with internet service as well.

Why bundle internet and TV?

Beyond the savings you’ll get, bundling TV and internet with the same company is convenient and allows you to customize your entertainment package. It’s bad enough finding one company that offers good internet service in your area, but doing that process for both internet and TV sounds exhausting. Bundling lets you one-stop shop.

The best TV and internet deals usually come from companies that do both internet and TV. Cable providers like Xfinity, Spectrum, and Cox all started as TV companies and now offer bundled services that are delivered over the same infrastructure. Cable bundles don’t cost the company more money to install over one service (and it gets more money from you for multiple subscriptions), so cable providers like to push bundles with good deals and extra savings.

That said, bundling services with contracts locks you in to both. So if you want to change one, you could face penalties even if you’re keeping the other service the same.

Pros and cons of TV and internet bundles


  • Money savings
  • All-in-one service
  • Better promotional deals


  • Contract terms
  • Price increases