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About Alaska Power & Telephone Internet

Your best chance of finding Alaska Power & Telephone service is in Alaska, their largest coverage area. You can also find Alaska Power & Telephone in and many others. It is a DSL provider, which means they deliver service through your traditional phone lines. Internet service enters the house through a common phone outlet, which is connected to a DSL modem. From here you can connect your wifi router or use an Ethernet cable.

As an Alaska resident, you've likely had a frustrating experience with at least one Internet service provider in the past. Even companies that claim to serve the entire United States often leave Alaska out of their service area, leaving you with too few options and even fewer affordable options. Working with a local Internet service provider is a great way to get past this problem. Alaska Communications has some of the most affordable and straightforward Internet plans available in this state. Alaska Communications only offers a few options for each service they provide. For some people, this may be a downside to working with them. However, for most people, having fewer options makes it easier to choose a plan and not get confused by the details. With any Internet plan, you get unlimited bandwidth. There are no data caps, overcharges, or bandwidth limits to worry about. In addition, your monthly payment gets you free Wi-Fi, home service installation, and a modem. If you opt to get home phone service through Alaska Communications, you have to decide how much long-distance calling you want to do. The most extensive package comes with unlimited local calling and 300 minutes of long-distance calls within the United States. Smaller plans may come with as little as 30 minutes of long-distance calls. Alaska businesses can also take advantage of these services. Business Internet and broadband services provide high-speed access to you and your employees. You can add other services to your business plan, including VoIP for small business or enterprise, data networking, IT support, and SIP trunking service. Don't let yourself be limited by large Internet service providers that offer little or no service in Alaska. Find out what Alaska Communications has in your area and how they can help you get more out of your Internet plan.

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Other large cities covered by Alaska Power & Telephone

Tok, Alaska | Skagway, Alaska | Deltana, Alaska | Klawock, Alaska | Craig, Alaska | Delta Junction, Alaska
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