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Comcast Business Internet Plans, Pricing, and Review

Get your office Wi-Fi humming with fast speeds, security firewalls, and static IPs.

Comcast Business

Price: $49.99–$334.99/mo.*
Speeds: 50–1,250Mbps
Data cap: None
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Provider star ratings are based on user reviews and our independent customer satisfaction survey.

Our Comcast Business Internet review

Comcast Business Internet is widely available nationwide and gives you a wide range of cable internet options. A Comcast Business Wi-Fi plan comes with unlimited data and 24-hour customer support, while the provider’s router includes a SecurityEdge feature that protects against cyberattacks and ransomware.

For additional fees, you can add special features like static IP addresses, cloud-based phone services, guest Wi-Fi, or even a 4G LTE backup connection, which keeps your internet stable (and your business flowing) if your cable connection goes out.


  • Fast speeds
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Advanced security features on mid- and upper-tier plans


  • Lengthy 1- to 3-year contracts
  • High prices for static IPs and 4G LTE backup

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Compare Comcast Business Internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceMax downloadTypeOrder online
Business Internet Essential $49.99/mo.50MbpsCableView Plans
Business Internet Standard $69.99/mo.100MbpsCableView Plans
Business Internet Performance $79.99/mo.250MbpsCableView Plans
Business Internet Advanced $164.99/mo.500MbpsCableView Plans
Business Internet Premium $234.99/mo.750MbpsCableView Plans
Business Internet Gigabit Extra $334.99/mo.1,250MbpsCableView Plans

Prices for Comcast Business vary depending on the region you’re in—in some cases the differences between prices on the same plan are huge. For these prices, we used an address located in San Francisco, California.

Comcast Business Internet speeds: What’s best for you?

The 250Mbps download speeds of Business Internet Performance work best for most small businesses. But you’ll need a faster speed if you have five or more employees working in an office, or if you offer public Wi-Fi to customers.

The speed needs of a business vary depending on the size of your office and the number of people using the Wi-Fi. The more employees you have using Wi-Fi–connected computers and phones, the faster your speeds need to be.

You should also consider getting fast speeds if you regularly conduct business over the internet. The last thing you want is your company email or server to go down in the middle of a busy workday.

The best way to estimate how much speed you need is by counting the number of people in your office. Take a look at the table below for guidance.

How much speed does your business need?

Internet speedOffice size
1–50Mbps1–2 employees
51–100Mbps2–3 employees
101–250Mbps3–5 employees
251–500Mbps5–10 employees
501–750Mbps11–20 employees
751 Mbps or fasterMore than 20 employees

Comcast Business Internet data caps

Comcast Business Internet doesn’t have any data caps on its plans. Your employees can do all the work they want without hitting your business with overage charges. (They could even stream movies or TikTok if they wanted to—on their lunch breaks of course!)

Is Comcast Business Internet available where you live?

Enter your zip code below to see a listing of the top internet providers available in your area.

Our favorite plan: Business Internet Performance is the best bet for most small businesses. It’s fast enough to cover an office of around five employees and it comes with 24/7 customer support in case you have any technical hiccups during the work week. You get free professional installation when you order online, and the SecurityEdge feature (built into the router) scans for threats every 10 minutes.

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Comcast Business Internet deals and promotions

Get a Visa prepaid card worth up to $800 when you order a qualifying Comcast Business Internet plan. You get an additional prepaid card worth $200 when you add Comcast Business Mobile.

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Comcast Business Internet extra features

Static IP addresses$24.95/mo. for 1 static IP address

$29.95/mo. for 5 static IP addresses

$44.95/mo. for 13 static IP addresses
Automatic 4G LTE backup$39.95/mo.
Wi-Fi Pro portal$19.95/mo.

In addition to your Comcast Business Internet service, you can add on additional features to give your business a leg up against the competition.

Get a static IP address to run a server from your office

The most useful feature is a static IP address. An IP address is the code that internet providers, servers, and other websites use to identify your location for transferring data.

Most IP addresses are dynamic, meaning they change on a regular basis. But a static IP always stays the same, making it a lot more useful for businesses because it allows for hosting servers, having company email addresses, and running a VPN.

Choose Automatic 4G LTE backup for foolproof Wi-Fi connectivity

It’s no secret that many businesses today rely on the internet to survive. So if your internet fails, you may end up losing money if you aren’t able to process transactions, respond to emails, or conduct virtual meetings.

To keep this from happening, Comcast Business offers a 4G LTE backup connection that kicks in if your cable internet ever cuts out. 4G LTE internet isn’t as fast as cable, but it makes sure you and your employees can keep conducting business while your IT specialist gets your speedy cable internet back online.

Set up the Wi-Fi Pro portal to serve customers and build your brand

The Wi-Fi Portal Pro isn’t as integral to doing business as the other features mentioned above, but it’s still handy, especially if you’re a customer-facing business like a coffee shop or boutique. Wi-Fi Pro is an app-based platform that lets you set up different Wi-Fi networks for employees and guests. You can also build a custom website and monitor Wi-Fi traffic on your network.

Comcast Business Internet fees

Equipment fee$19.95/mo.
Installation fee$99.95 to $199.00 (waived when you order online)
Early termination fee$10/mo. for each month left on your contract
No-contract plan$10.00–$20.00/mo. on top of your bill

Comcast Business charges the typical fees that you find on most internet plans. The modem and router costs just under $20 a month. You can skip that fee by buying your own equipment, but then you’ll miss out on the service’s security features. You also technically have to pay an installation fee, but the fee is waived when you order online.

The one standout here is the extra charge you have to pay if you opt for a contract-free plan. Comcast Business has fairly steep contract terms, lasting between one and three years depending on the plan you get. If you cancel your internet plan before the contract is up, you’re on the hook to pay $10 for every month you have left on your bill—a fee that could easily run up to hundreds of dollars.

You can waive the contract for an additional $10 or $20 extra per month, depending on the plan. But we’re not sure if there’s much benefit to this option, since you end up paying more than you should either way.

Comcast Business Internet installation, equipment, and contracts

Unlike many residential internet plans, Comcast Business Internet comes with term contracts and professional installation. Read on for the details.

Comcast Business installation and equipment

After you sign up for Comcast Business Internet, a rep at Comcast will contact you to arrange a time for a professional technician to come to your office and set up the internet. Professional installation usually costs a fee, but you can get it waived when you order online.

Your business service plan comes with a gateway (a combination modem and router), which you can rent for $19.95 per month. You can buy your own equipment to save money, but make sure the modem and router are compatible with Comcast’s network.

Comcast Business Internet contracts

Comcast Business has steep contract term agreements, ranging from one to three years depending on the plan you get. If you cancel your internet before the contract term is up, you have to pay $10 for every month still left on the bill.

Comcast Business Internet customer ratings

Speed RatingPrice RatingReliability RatingCustomer Service RatingOverall Rating
Xfinity customer satisfaction rating4.0/5.03.3/5.03.8/5.03.6/5.03.7/5.0
Average rating*3.8/53.3/53.7/53.7/53.7

Comcast Business got a below-average rating in J.D. Power’s most recent US Business Wireline Satisfaction Study, ranking behind Spectrum and Cox in overall satisfaction with a score of 842 out of 1,000.1 However, Xfinity (Comcast’s residential internet brand) performed very well in our annual customer satisfaction survey. The provider got above-average rankings in our survey, ranking especially well for speed and reliability.

Xfinity delivers pretty much the same type of service as Comcast Business, with cable connections reaching up to 1.25 Gbps. So you can rest assured that you’ll have fast speeds and reliable service on a Comcast Business plan. However, Comcast Business has higher prices than Xfinity residential plans, with longer contract terms—and we suspect that may be the reason for Comcast’s lower scores in the JD Power study.

See what other Comcast Business customers are saying

We love to keep track of what customers think about their internet services. If you’re a current Comcast Business customer, please go over to our Customer Review form and let us know about your experience with Comcast Business. You can see what others said as well.

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Comcast Business Internet vs. AT&T Internet for Business

ProviderSpeedPriceOrder online
Comcast Business 50–1,250Mbps$49.00–$209.99/mo.View Comcast Business Plans

AT&T beats out Comcast Business when it comes to business internet plans. The fiber provider has much faster speeds—including symmetrical upload speeds that you can’t get on a cable connection like Comcast’s. AT&T gets much better ratings in J.D. Power’s 2022 US Business Wireline Satisfaction Study, and its packages and add-ons cost less.

Comcast Business Internet vs. Spectrum Business

ProviderSpeedPriceOrder online
Spectrum 300–1,000Mbps$49.99–$164.99/mo.View Spectrum Business Plans
Comcast Business 50–1,250Mbps$49.00–$209.99/mo.View Comcast Business Plans

Like AT&T, Spectrum also has a leg up on Comcast Business. Although it has fewer plans to offer, Spectrum’s baseline plan gets you faster download speeds for the same price and also includes up to 25 email addresses and a custom domain. Spectrum also has fiber internet for enterprise customers in some areas. Other than that, both providers are similar, with 24/7 customer support and options to add on static IP addresses and 4G LTE backup.

Is Comcast Business Internet right for you?

Comcast Business is a great option for lots of small businesses. While it doesn’t have the fiber speeds of AT&T, Comcast’s cable connection is still fast and reliable, and its multiple speed tiers make it easy to upgrade if you need to accommodate a growing business. The SecurityEdge feature in the Comcast Business router keeps your network safe from threats, and the Wi-Fi Pro portal gives you tools to set up a guest public network and build your brand.

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FAQ about Comcast Business Internet

What are the best routers for Comcast Business Internet?

We recommend renting a router directly from Comcast Business—its SecurityEdge feature scans for threats every 10 minutes, keeping your company safe from malware and cyberattacks.

If you want to use your own router, though, we recommend TP-Link’s AX6600, a powerful piece of equipment that ensures a wide range with its eight antennas while keeping your network protected with security scans and other safety features.


Our editorial team bases our analyses on customer input from our annual customer satisfaction survey, results from our speed test tool, and proprietary internet provider data on speeds and pricing. To strengthen our research, we look closely at provider contracts to get hard-to-find information on price hikes, data caps, and extra fees, and we keep tabs on the latest news reports and online reviews. When applicable, we also rely on our personal experiences testing these services.

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