Comcast Business Review

Catapult ahead with faster internet.

Comcast Business
Plans start at

Download speeds:
100 Mbps–1,000 Mbps

  • Internet, phone, and TV bundles available
  • Secure Wi-Fi for your business
  • Truly unlimited data—no data caps, no data deprioritization

Data effective 11/10/21. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Comcast Business pros and cons

Comcast Business internet is a reliable, secure choice for people looking to buy internet, TV, or phone services for their small to mid-sized business. It’s competitively priced, although it leans toward the expensive side when you compare prices with residential service, but that’s to be expected.

What we like is that Comcast Business offers 24/7 support and a bill credit if an outage is Comcast’s fault. Plus, it’s available in 39 states plus Washington, DC.

And if there’s a connection problem, Comcast will get on it. Most Comcast Business Internet plans include a guarantee that they’ll respond within four hours if you have an outage or other connection problem.


  • Secure, private Wi-Fi network
  • 99.83% internet speed guarantee
  • 4-hour response time guarantee


  • Slower upload speeds than download speeds
  • Additional charge for static IP address

Comcast Business internet, TV, mobile, and bundling

  • Starting at $69.99/mo.
  • 100 Mbps–1,000 Mbps
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TV & Internet
  • Starting at $149.94/mo.
  • 10+ channels
  • 100 Mbps–1,000 Mbps
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Phone & Internet
  • Starting at $89.99/mo.
  • 100 Mbps–1,000 Mbps
  • 1 phone line
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Triple Play Bundles
  • Starting at $147.50/mo.
  • 35+ channels
  • 75 Mbps–1,000 Mbps
  • 2 phone lines
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Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Prices are as of 11/15/21, with a 2-year agreement and paperless billing discount.

Comcast Business offers a suite of telecom services for small to mid-sized businesses. You can build a money-saving package with your choice of internet speeds, TV packages, and phone service.

Pro tip:

All packages are built as an add-on to internet service, so you need to have Comcast internet in order to have any other Comcast service.

Comcast Business internet


Our pick:

Business Internet 300 & Security Solution

  • Supports 15 devices
  • Includes WiFi Standard
Speeds up to
Mbps download


Comcast Business internet brings your business online using a hybrid of fiber and coaxial cable lines, which means you can get download speeds similar to fiber.

Small businesses rely on dependable internet for hundreds of critical transactions every day. For example, a restaurant owner uses the internet for credit card processing, stocking and ordering ingredients, bookkeeping, and more. If the internet goes down for the day, it can be catastrophic.

Comcast Business internet protects you from two-to-three day wait times for typical repair service. When you get Comcast Business internet, you are guaranteed that in the event of a problem, an on-site technician will arrive at your place of business within four hours of notification.

For additional business protection, you can opt for Business Connection Pro, which gives you eight hours of backup battery power and automatic 4G LTE backup internet connection in the event of connection problems.

We recommend Comcast Business Internet 300 for small businesses with eight or more employees and businesses that offer free Wi-Fi to a small number of customers. This plan delivers reliable internet connections to about a dozen devices and has ample bandwidth for video conferencing.

Comcast Business internet plans


Get the right internet plan for your small business.

Plan Prices from* Download speeds up to Upload speeds up to
Business Internet 100 & Security Solution $69.99/month* 100 Mbps 15 Mbps
Business Internet 200 & Security Solution $99.99/month* 200 Mbps 20 Mbps
Business Internet 300 & Security Solution $139.99/month* 300 Mbps 30 Mbps
Business Internet 600 & Security Solution $169.99/month* 600 Mbps 35 Mbps
Business 1 Gig & Security Solution $219.99/month* 1000 Mbps 35 Mbps
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Comcast Business TV and internet


Our pick:

Business Internet 150 + Basic TV

10+ channels

Speeds up to
Mbps download


You can keep employees working hard with the internet connection they need to access files and process credit card transactions, while entertaining customers with live TV in waiting rooms, bars, and restaurants. You can create your own package by selecting any Comcast TV package, from 10 to 140+ channels, and your preferred internet speed. Prices vary based on channel selection.

Our pick is Comcast Business Internet 150 with Basic TV, which is ideal for small businesses. It delivers ample bandwidth to keep a dozen devices connected online plus you have 10 channels to keep customers entertained while they’re waiting for your services.

To sign up for a Comcast bundle, pick your plan online and fill out a contact form. A representative will get back to you promptly.

Comcast Business phone and internet bundles


Our pick:

Business Solution 100

  • Includes 1 phone line with option to add more at checkout
Speeds up to
Mbps download


Phone and internet bundles are designed for small businesses and retail locations. If you have up to seven devices connected at once—or a few computers and several customers on your Wi-Fi—Business Solution 100 will keep your team connected and business humming.

If you have a larger crowd, bump up the internet speed to 200 Mbps or 300 Mbps, with a bundle price of $109.99 or $149.99 per month, respectively.

Comcast Business bundles


Our pick:

Comcast Business Internet 100 + 1 Voice Line + Basic TV

  • 1 phone line
  • 15 Mbps upload
  • Small-business package for 10–12 users
  • 10+ channels
Speeds up to
Mbps download


Comcast Business internet can be bundled with phone and TV to deliver all the tools you need to keep your business connected to your customers. The addition of TV is a good perk for many businesses. At hospitality businesses, a little live TV and games on the weekends will draw in customers. TV at hotels, restaurants, salons, doctors offices, repair shops, and health clinics are almost ubiquitous.

Set up your business in style with a Triple Play bundle of TV, internet, and phone. Our bundle pick gives small businesses the tools they need to take customer phone calls, make appointments, do bookkeeping online, and keep waiting customers entertained with 35 TV channels.

Comcast Business installation fee

The standard Comcast Business internet installation fee is $99.95 to $199. Installing phone service is $29 per line. Cable TV installation is $69, although if you have multiple TVs to connect, Comcast may charge extra.

Comcast sometimes offers free installation specials if business customers sign a 2-year contract and order online.

Our verdict

Comcast Business internet offers a secure connection for a business location and is available throughout most of the US. Business internet is more expensive than residential internet, but the speed guarantee you get with Comcast Business makes the extra cost worth it. Plus, you also get priority repair service and 24/7 customer service.

Choosing Comcast Business internet is a good choice for most businesses, hotels, and restaurants. But if you run a marketing agency or upload a lot of video or image files, you may be unhappy with Comcast. Even the fastest Comcast Business Internet package—the gigabit plan—delivers a relatively slow upload speed of 35 Mbps.

Most businesses don’t do much uploading, but if your business does, check out fiber internet from Cox, AT&T, Google Fiber, or other providers in your area.

FAQ about Comcast Business internet

Does Comcast Business phone service charge for long distance calls?

With Comcast Voice, long distance calls within the United States are free. Comcast Voice includes unlimited nationwide long distance as well as local calling.

How much is Comcast Business internet and phone?

You can get a bundle package with Comcast Business 75 and Voice for $189.90 per month. This package includes internet with download speeds of 75 Mbps and bandwidth to support seven devices, plus two phone lines with full features (voicemail, fax, forward to mobile, and more).

How fast of an internet connection do I need for a real estate office with seven agents?

Comcast Business Internet 75 is often enough speed for an office of seven people who are sending emails, but real estate agents may need more bandwidth. Additional speed of 150 Mbps will be helpful when agents are uploading image files, encrypting documents, and rapidly navigating the internet to show properties to potential buyers.

What is the fastest internet speed offered by Comcast Business?

Comcast Business internet offers speeds from 25 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps (or 1 gigabit). Available speeds vary by location, so the fastest speeds may not be available in your area. You can find out the fastest internet speeds by entering your ZIP code below.

Do I need to sign a contract to get Comcast Business?

Yes, you will need to agree to a 24-month contract in order to begin service with Comcast Business. If you need to cancel your contract early, you will be required to pay an Early Termination Fee.

Where can I get Comcast Business internet?

The Comcast network extends from coast to coast and serves most of the country. Comcast Business is available in 39 states, plus Washington, DC. Enter your zip code to find out if you can get Comcast Business in your area or to compare other business plans. You can get Comcast Business by signing up online, visiting an Xfinity service center, or calling Comcast customer service.

Is Comcast the same as Xfinity?

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Comcast Corporation owns dozens of brands and services, including business internet service through the name Comcast and residential service through the name Xfinity.

Although both Comcast Business and Xfinity are run by the same corporation, the products they offer differ significantly. Xfinity is made for homes and families, where just a few people are streaming videos and doing research reports on the computer.

Comcast Business has higher rated customer service, guaranteed speeds and reliability, and the option of static IP address. It also has a higher level of security features that make it more desirable for business internet. If Xfinity is like flying in coach, Comcast Business is like flying first class.