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At time service was slow or go down a few times in a day and the price was good and the customer service was great they really took care of my problems

Steven Gibson 2018-05-16

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Spotty service. Poor customer service. Never able to speak with English speaking support. Very frustrating service company.

James McWhorter Rockmart, GA 2017-03-10

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I enjoy the internet service that I currently subscribe to. They may be a little on the expensive side, but they are overall dependable. I generally do not have any trouble logging in as well as staying connected while using the internet. The bills are straight forward and the customer service is good andhas always been helpful when I have needed them. They are professional and pride themselves in making the customer satisfied.

Yolande Byrd Reading, PA 2014-10-21

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I enjoy my service and the price can not be beat by the "BIG" guys. No more bundles are me, I can do better by breaking eveything up.

Andree Spencer Hall Philadelphia, PA 2014-08-25

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My Earthlink DSL connection has been largely consistent and I've never had to call or deal with the company due to any difficulties that weren't able to be dealt with on my end.

Guthrie G Salt Lake City, UT 2014-07-12

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The service is usually pretty good, but there have been several times where the service is down and I am unable to connect. It is usually a problem with the DNS server. This is not acceptable because I am a college student and need a more reliable connection. I feel that the DNS server problem happens too much.

Tina P Albuquerque, NM 2014-06-05

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Earthlink service is excellent and the price is right.

Rick Ingraffia 2012-04-26

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