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Rich K | 02-06-2013

I have been with this provider for about five years, only because I can't get anything else. I pay my bill on time and without fail, yet when I call due to excessive speed loss or other issues, I am told that they can't do anything or they will turn in a work order. This is followed up by no response until I continue to call repeatedly. Even then I am again told that they are working to resolve any problems, but no info as to how long I can expect any better performance. When I say speed loss, it is so slow that I am unable to even log in to my email. I ran multiple speed tests via and for several days my speed was "ping from 346 to1072, download from 0.38 to 0.92, and upload from 0.02 to 0.16. This is with a service speed of 3.00. The first day I said nothing, thinking it would be resolved shortly. Second day I called the help desk to which I was told a work order would be issued. The third day I waited most of the day, giving them ample time to contact me with any information. At the end of the day I called and was told they had no idea that I called, but would get with the tech and have them get back to me. Again I waited most of the next day until I again called the help desk, and was told they could not help beyond the work order already turned in. I asked that my account be noted of my call, and be noted of continued problem, and that if I am not receiving the service I am paying for then I should not be responsible to pay. Finally, I received a call from Heartland Net after four days. I was informed that an effort was being made. I asked for an ETA of even some service. The response was "I hope soon". My response was again that I should not have to pay for service that I am not receiving. I was informed that if I don't pay for my service it would be terminated. I ended the call with the intention of finding another ISP. Of course, they must know that there are really no other options in my area. As I stated, I did my speed test via Therefore, I have a record of the results of the test and a record as to how bad the problem is.

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