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HTC Review

HTC Inc.
Plans start at

  • Free installation with annual contract
  • Discounts on bundle packages
  • Download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps
  • Upload speeds up to 500 Mbps

Provider star ratings are based on user reviews and our independent customer satisfaction survey.

*Data current as of 11/16/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Our HTC internet review

Horry Telephone Cooperative (HTC) is a long-running internet provider that serves the northeastern corner of South Carolina. Founded as the Horry Telephone Cooperative in 1952, it offers great options for cable and fiber internet in Horry, Georgetown, and Marion counties, including the cities of Myrtle Beach and Georgetown. It has reasonable rates, fast speeds, and great customer support.

Like many internet providers, HTC has a limited fiber network, so you may not be able to access the fastest internet speeds depending on where you live. Its internet packages tend to be a bit more expensive compared to major internet service providers (ISPs) also located in the region, namely Spectrum and Frontier. But its plans have no data caps, you get a modem and router at no extra cost, and you can get a $100 waiver on installation if you sign up for an annual contract.

HTC is a solid internet provider all around. If you value excellent fiber speeds, bundle discounts, and customer service, then this regional provider is ideal for you.


  • Fast speeds
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Reliable customer support


  • Inconsistent fiber availability
  • High prices for fiber service
  • Unclear terms on website

Which HTC is this HTC?

Perhaps you’re familiar with another company called HTC—the electronics manufacturer based in Taiwan. It makes 5G devices, phones, and other tech products.

Just keep in mind that that’s a different company, with a different claim to fame. The HTC we’re highlighting on this page is the Horry Telephone Cooperative, a business that’s been going strong in South Carolina’s Horry County since 1952.

HTC promotions and deals

HTC’s internet packages range from $49.95 to $74.95 per month, depending on speed and connection type.

You don’t have to pay extra for installation if you sign up for a yearlong commitment. Otherwise you will pay $100 for installation and your plan will go month-to-month with no contractual obligations.

DIRECTV or add a Viasat home phone line (VoIP).

Viasat’s bundle discounts don’t really save you much, though, so don’t add services you won’t need just to get a discount.

Cheapest HTC internet plan

The Tier 1 plan is HTC’s cheapest internet plan. It comes over either a cable or fiber connection, depending on what’s available in your area. The price is the same either way, starting out at $49.95 per month for 12 months and then going up to $59.95 per month after 12 months of service.

That’s a great price for 100 Mbps download speeds, which give you lots to work with. If you live in a midsize household and you’ve got three to five people all regularly streaming HD or even 4K video and playing online games at the same time, then this is for you.

But what about the upload speeds? The cable internet version of Tier 1 gives you 20 Mbps upload speed, while the fiber Tier 1 plan has symmetrical speeds with 300 Mbps upload speeds. If you can get the fiber Tier 1 plan, go for it.

HTC Internet

Our pick: Tier 1 for $49.95/mo.

HTC offers two types of internet—cable and fiber. Fiber costs more, but it gets you faster download speeds (300–1,000 Mbps) and much faster upload speeds. Cable is also really good, though, delivering excellent performance and reliability on par with bigger ISPs in the area, like Spectrum. The fastest cable speeds from HTC top out at 300 Mbps.

The best HTC internet package is the Tier 1. Although it offers the slowest speeds out of all your HTC plan options, 300 Mbps is still quite fast, letting you accomplish a range of internet activities and tasks with smooth and reliable service. That includes simple things like posting on social media but also more complex undertakings like working from home or streaming Netflix in 4K.

HTC cable internet plans

PlanPrice (after first-year promotional rate)Download speedUpload speedView plans
Tier 1$49.95/mo.300 Mbps20 MbpsView Plans
Tier 2$59.95/mo.500 Mbps20 MbpsView Plans
Tier 3$74.95/mo.1,000 Mbps20 MbpsView Plans

HTC’s cable internet plans are a solid bet. Whichever plan you choose, you’ll get excellent speeds over an established coaxial cable network. It’s not as sleek of a connection as fiber (for example, you may experience lower speeds during peak usage hours). But it’s far more reliable and consistent than DSL internet, with low lag to boot.

The prices and performance are competitive with Spectrum, HTC’s big-boy rival in Horry, Georgetown, and Marion counties. With HTC, you’ll have the added benefit of working with a local provider—which means you’ll get dedicated customer support and the satisfaction of knowing you’re paying back into the local community.

Pro tip: 

Before signing up, find out how much Wi-Fi bandwidth you’ll realistically need to support your online activities and digital devices. Use our How Much Internet Speed Do I Need? Tool to get an estimate.

HTC fiber internet plans

PlanPrice (after first-year promotional rate)Download speedUpload speedView plans
Tier 1$49.95/mo.300 Mbps300 MbpsView Plans
Tier 2$59.95/mo.500 Mbps500 MbpsView Plans
Tier 3$74.95/mo.1,000 Mbps500 MbpsView Plans

When you’ve got a choice between fiber and cable, well, fiber is really the better pick. Instead of operating over cable networks, fiber runs over light signals and fiberglass cabling, delivering a much faster, more consistent, and buttery-smooth connection overall.

Also, you’ll have the luxury of achieving really fast upload speeds with fiber. Most internet connections have significantly less upload speed than download speed since most of us don’t upload as much as we download.

For example, internet users tend to spend more time downloading files and streaming video than they do Zoom-ing it up with coworkers or uploading video-diary entries to YouTube.

If you do have an upload-heavy life, then fiber’s wicked-fast upload speeds will do you well. Definitely consider HTC’s Tier 3 fiber package if you upload lots of photo galleries to Facebook, work as a YouTube influencer, or routinely upload terabyte-sized files to cloud servers while working from home.

See if HTC is offered in your area

Not sure what kind of internet service you can get from HTC? Scroll down HTC’s homepage and click on the “Check Availability” button to see what kind of service you can get and how much it will cost.

HTC fees and charges

Installation$100 (waived w/ 1-yr. contract)
Modem/router rentalN/A (included with service)
Late fee1.5% of bill
Reconnection fee$25
Early termination fee$100

HTC’s internet plans are sold as a flat fee, meaning you won’t see any extra costs from the fine print attached to your bill on top of your monthly rate. HTC will provide you with a modem and router as part of your cable or fiber internet plan, and it won’t cost extra.

You will have to pay a $100 installation fee if you want a month-to-month, no-contract plan. You can get the fee waived if you sign up for a 12-month contract, which is a good option if you plan to be in the same home long-term and don’t see yourself switching providers any time soon. If you have to break the contract early, then you’ll pay the $100 as an early termination fee.

Late fees are relatively minimal—just 1.5% of your bill. But if your service gets suspended due to unpaid bills, you’ll have to pay $25 on the next month’s bill to get your internet back online. There’s an eight- to nine-day grace period before your internet gets cut off.

Our verdict

HTC delivers solid internet service in northeast South Carolina. It has fast speeds, reasonable prices, multiple options to choose from, and great customer support. Depending on where you live, you can get fiber or cable internet from HTC—and either option is fast and reliable.

All in all, HTC is a top-notch local provider that serves the community with panache. Not only does the company have great customer service, but also has awarded $100 gift cards to locals who’ve done good during the coronavirus outbreak. And it partners with the Horry County library on the Hoopla app, which provides free access to videos, movies, and books.

Find HTC internet in your area.

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