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Midco Internet Review

Fast internet with unlimited data and no contracts.


Price: $49.00–$79.00/mo.*
Speeds: 250–1,000 Mbps
Data cap: Unlimited

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Our Midco internet review

Midco is primarily a cable internet provider offering fast speeds and attractive perks, like unlimited data and no term contracts. The coverage area for Midco spans the midwest, with services offered in 47 different cities. Midco’s pricing is more difficult to nail down, as plan prices vary, not just by region or city, but by neighborhood. But to give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve taken a look at Midco internet plan pricing in Fargo, ND.


  • Good Speeds
  • No data caps
  • No contracts


  • Price hikes
  • Extra charge for Wi-Fi

Compare Midco internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceSpeedView on Midco site
Midco Internet 250$49.00/mo.*Up to 250 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Internet 500$59.00/mo.*Up to 500 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Internet 750$69.00/mo.*Up to 750 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Gig Internet$79.00/mo.*Up to 1,000 MbpsShop Plans
Midco Fixed Wireless Internetcheck provider sitecheck provider siteShop Plans
Midco Fiber Internetcheck provider sitecheck provider siteShop Plans

Midco speeds: What’s best for you?

Midco has four speeds available on its cable internet plans. The Midco Internet 250 plan is a good choice for small to medium-sized households. Larger households should consider the Midco Internet 500 plan.

For most households, the Midco Internet 500 plan offers a good balance between price and internet speed, with up to 500 Mbps for $59.00 per month.

Midco data caps

Midco internet plans come with unlimited data. By offering unlimited data, you won’t need to worry about running out or dealing with overage fees.

Is Midco internet available where you live?

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Our favorite plan: We think the Midco Internet 500 plan offers the most bang for your buck with up to 500 Mbps for $59.00 per month—a good value for cable internet.

Midco’s cable internet plans offer reasonable prices, especially for the first 12 months. Fixed wireless and even fiber are in select areas from Midco, but you’ll have to enter your address on its website to see if you have access to those services. Most of Midco’s coverage area offers cable internet.

Midco internet fees

Equipment Fee$9.00/mo. ($11.00 for Wi-Fi)
Installation Fee$100.00
Other Fees$10.00

Midco’s fees are on par with other cable ISPs, with the most costly fee being the $100 installation cost. Some Midco plans offer a self-install option, but the pricing and availability of a self-install vary depending on where you live and which plan you select.

Regarding rental equipment, Midco charges $9 per month for a modem and $11 per month for a modem and router or internet gateway. So, unless you’re using your own router, your equipment charge will be $11 per month if you want Wi-Fi. The extra fee for Wi-Fi is a little unconventional, but even including the Wi-Fi charge, Midco’s equipment rental fees are still a little cheaper than many ISPs.

Midco internet installation, equipment, and contracts

Like many things with Midco, your installation and equipment options depend on where you live and which plan you select. Midco’s plans don’t require contracts, allowing you to switch ISPs when you want to.

Midco installation and equipment

Midco’s professional installation fee is $100, a tough pill to swallow on your first bill, but that rate is fairly standard for a cable internet installation. Some plans may allow for a self-installation, but any further details will depend on your plan and address.

Midco internet contracts

One of Midco’s best perks is that it has no term contracts, so you’re free to cancel anytime without worrying about early termination fees.

Midco vs. SRT

SpeedPriceOrder online
SRT Communications, Inc. $9.00/mo. ($11.00 for Wi-Fi)$49.95–$89.95/moView Plans
Midco 250 Mbps–1,000 Mbps (based on Minot, ND sample)$39.00–$59.00/mo.** (based on Minot, ND) sample) **View Plans

If you’re near Minot, ND, you may be choosing between Midco and SRT, especially since SRT offers fiber optic internet plans. Usually, with a fiber internet connection, you get faster upload speeds, increased reliability, and better overall internet service. SRT also provides a free modem and router or internet gateway. In contrast, Midco charges $9 per month for a modem and $11 per month for a modem and router or internet gateway.

On the other hand, Midco offers lower prices in Minot, generally providing more speed for the money. And even though Midco’s cable internet isn’t quite as good as SRT’s fiber, it’s more than capable of supporting high-bandwidth households.

Both ISPs provide unlimited data.

Midco vs. Bluepeak

SpeedPriceOrder online
Bluepeak 1,000 Mbps–5,000 Mbps$50.00–$100.00/moView Plans
Midco 250 Mbps–1,000 Mbps (based on Sioux Falls, SD sample)$39.00–$59.00/mo.** (based on Sioux Falls, SD) sample)View Plans

In Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding area, Bluepeak’s fiber internet is one of Midco’s top competitors. You can’t go wrong with a fiber internet connection: it’s fast, reliable, and often priced near or lower than cable. Bluepeak is no exception, offering a superfast gig (1,000 Mbps) connection for an affordable $50 per month—that’s one of the best internet deals we’ve seen.

In addition to offering great pricing and the best type of internet connection available, Bluepeak services also come with a free mesh router rental.

Midco offers a gig-speed connection for only $9 more per month, so both ISPs provide a good deal. And don’t forget, Midco comes with no contracts and no data caps.

Is Midco internet right for you?

Midco’s internet plans offer decent value and great perks, like unlimited data and no contracts, making this ISP a good choice for the average customer. However, because Midco internet plans vary depending on where you live, you’ll need to enter your address on its website and see what plans and prices are available in your area.

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