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Watch Communications Internet Review

Honest-to-goodness rural internet for those with limited options

Watch Communications

Price: $59.99–$120.00/mo.*

Speeds: 10–100Mbps

Data cap: None

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Our Watch Communications internet review

Watch Communications is a godsend for rural internet users across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. The fixed-wireless provider serves remote parts of the country where customers’ only other broadband access might be a costly satellite internet package. While its speeds can’t hold a candle to community fiber from a rural company or cooperative, humble Watch still does it right with unlimited data, month-to-month terms, and friendly customer service.


  • Wide availability in rural areas
  • No data caps or contracts


  • High price for base-level plan
  • Limited speeds

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Compare Watch Communications internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceSpeedView on Watch Communications site
Watch Essential$59.99/mo.10MbpsShop Plans
Watch Choice$69.99/mo.15MbpsShop Plans
Watch Preferred$79.99/mo.25MbpsShop Plans
Watch Premium$99.99/mo.50MbpsShop Plans
Watch Elite$120.00/mo.100MbpsShop Plans

Watch Communications’ speeds: What’s best for you?

The best speeds from Watch Communications are 25Mbps or faster.

Watch’s internet speeds won’t knock your socks off. This rural provider’s fixed wireless connection limits its capacity to deliver fast Wi-Fi bandwidth. We recommend starting with 25Mbps if you live in a small household (between one to three people) and use your internet occasionally.

Definitely consider an upgrade, though, if you like to stream movies, play online games, or make many Zoom calls. Watch’s 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans are better suited for larger households and more active Wi-Fi users. More bandwidth means fewer slowdowns and a more consistent connection, even during peak usage hours.

Watch Communications’ data caps

You don’t need to worry about monthly data caps with Watch. Although the provider used to have monthly caps on its plans, it now lets you use as much data as you need without imposing extra charges or slowing your speed.

Can you get Watch Communications at your house?

A quick search with your zip code will get you a list of the top internet service providers available in your area. Let’s see if Watch is one of them!

Our favorite plan: You’re best off springing for Watch Premium. The plan gives you 50Mbps download speeds—and you can tell the difference all those extra gigabits make if you have limited broadband access on a satellite plan.

Watch makes up for the higher price by offering equipment at a cheaper-than-usual rate. Equipment costs a total of just $8 a month, versus a minimum fee of $599 for Starlink.

Also, since Watch doesn’t have annual contracts, you can cancel your service anytime without paying a costly early termination fee.

HSI badge deals

Watch Communications deals

New customers can take advantage of regular promotions from Watch almost any time of year. Depending on the month, you may be eligible for a free month of service, a waiver on the $99.99 installation fee, or other options. Call customer service for the scoop on the latest bargains.

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Watch Communications internet fees

Equipment Fee$3/mo. for modem/router gateway, $5/mo. for outdoor transceiver
Installation Fee$99.99

Watch charges a standard installation fee of $99.99 to set up your outdoor transceiver and indoor modem/router gateway. You pay a little less per month for the equipment than you would from many other internet service providers—which typically charge rental rates of $10 to $15 per month.

Watch Communications internet installation, equipment, and contracts

Installation for Watch Communications costs $99.99 and requires a professional technician to set things up.

Watch Communications installation and equipment

Watch’s fixed wireless setup includes an outdoor transceiver (which picks up signals from a nearby radio tower) and an indoor gateway (which converts the radio signals into internet data). When you order your plan, you can set up a time for the technician to come by and install all of the equipment.

If you have your own router, you can plug it into the gateway to improve your connection speeds or range (depending on your router).

Watch Communications internet contracts

Watch Communications doesn’t have annual contracts for its plans. You sign a month-to-month agreement and can cancel anytime without paying an early termination fee.

See what other Watch Communications customers are saying

We love to collect data on the customer experience—and we’re especially keen to hear from customers of regional and local internet service providers. If you’re a Watch Communications customer, please fill out our Customer Review form and let us know about your experience with the provider. You can see what others have said too.

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Watch Communications vs. the competition

ProviderPlan price rangeSpeedsData capOrder online
Watch Communications $59.99–$120.00/mo.10–100MbpsUp to 1TB/mo.View Plans
Rise Broadband $25.00–$65.00/mo.25–50Mbps250GB/mo. or UnlimitedView Plans
Starlink $120.00–$500.00/mo.5–220MbpsUnlimitedView Plans

Watch Communications gets you a much better deal compared to satellite internet service. Its plans cost less per month for what you get; in most cases, you get faster speeds and a much more reliable connection.

As for fixed wireless providers, Watch costs more than its main competitor, Rise Broadband. Some of Rise’s plans have slower speeds, and you’ll pay more for an unlimited-data plan. But it may be a better deal if you’re on a budget.

Is Watch Communications internet right for you?

You should get Watch Communications if you live in a part of rural America where broadband access is limited. Watch’s fixed wireless plans get you faster speeds at a much lower price than satellite internet. And the provider’s perks—including unlimited data and no annual commitment—give it an edge against other fixed wireless competitors. Watch is also the provider to pick if you value customer service since that’s a strong point for the regional provider.

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