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6.5 /10

"Very pleased with the Internet provided by Windstream..."

Gayle Brennick | Berea, KY
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The good

Windstream offers some great features, like U.S. based customer support and The Windstream Lifetime Price Guarantee (which is exactly what it sounds like).

The bad

Windstream Internet speeds are not as fast as other DSL providers but the prices are similar. This combination makes for questionable value.

HSI's take

If you’re looking for short term Internet solutions, you could probably do better than Windstream. But, if you’re looking for potential savings over a long period, the Windstream Lifetime Price Guarantee option could save you a lot of money down the road.

HSI Rating


Speed 4.0

Value 6.9

Consumer Interest 8.4

Consumer Satisfaction 6.6

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HSI's Assessment of Windstream


Windstream Internet speeds

Download up to

100 Mbps

Upload up to


Windstream offers two Internet speed tiers in most areas. The lower speed tier offers 3 -6 Mbps depending on your area. The faster speed tier is up to 10 Mbps. There do offer plans that provide speeds up to 150 Mbps, but these are limited to only a few areas. While these speeds aren’t as fast as some other DSL Internet providers they are adequate for small households consisting of two or three people. Unfortunately, some current customers are dissatisfied with the speed they get from Windstream. In a 2015 HSI Independent survey Windstream Internet speeds received a paltry 2 out of 10 for customer satisfaction. Many customers complain that they are not receiving the speeds that Windstream advertises. f you have a small household and you actually get the Internet speed being advertised, then Windstream is a decent option, but Windstream still needs to get better at delivering on its advertised speeds.


Windstream Internet Prices

Internet Packages starting at


Top-Tier packages starting at


Windstream Internet packages start at about $40 to $50 per month depending on the speed tier you choose and what’s available in your area. Those prices are for a one-year promotional period. When that expires, prices will increase by as much as $20. Compared to other DSL providers, these prices are a little high for the amount of speed you get. This was reflected in the 2015 HSI Independent Customer Satisfaction Survey in which Windstream only scored 2 out of 10 in the value category. Although customers may not be satisfied with the value of their Windstream service today, Windstream does offer a lifetime price option. Over time, if market rates continue to rise with inflation, The Windstream Lifetime Price Guarantee option may turn out to be a great value. Customers can also expect to pay a $35 installation fee and a $45 activation fee. Fortunately, Windstream offers a self-install option with no fee and many promotional offers will waive the activation fee.

Customer Satisfaction

Along with poor customer satisfaction scores for speed and value, Windstream also received low marks for overall customer satisfaction in the HSI survey: just 4 out of 10. Clearly, customers want more speed from Windstream and many feel they are paying too much for the speeds they receive. In contrast to the low customer satisfaction score, Windstream does offer some pretty good features to help serve its customers. Many customers appreciate that Windstream Internet service is available with no long-term contract obligation. Windstream also bases its 24/7 technical support in the U.S. This can help limit communication gaps. Fewer communication errors will result in better service.

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