Author: John Dilley

Which Netflix Show Gripped Your State in 2017

Streaming entertainment on Netflix continues to soar in popularity. According to 2017 Netflix data reported on numerous websites, Netflix users streamed a total of one billion hours of programming per week. In fact, Netflix has become so popular that “Netflixing” and “streaming” are virtually synonymous. Clearly people everywhere are watching Netflix, but what are the people in your community watching? For the second year in a row, our team at used Google Trends to discover which Netflix programs garnered the most interest in each state. Click here for a larger map image Orange Is the New Black is...

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How Much Speed Do I Need to Stream Music?

Streaming music doesn’t require much bandwidth—almost all current internet speeds are more than fast enough to keep your tunes rolling. In most cases, 500 Kbps (0.5 Mbps) is enough speed; you’ll need more speed for multiple streams. If you’re listening on mobile, keep an eye on your data. Some services have offline options, but you’ll still have to download songs via an internet connection before you can listen to them offline. Each music streaming service (Pandora, Spotify, etc.) has specific speed recommendations, which you can see below. Internet speed requirements for: Amazon Music Apple Music Deezer Google Play Music...

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