Author: Kaz Weida

The Safest (and Most Dangerous) States for Online Dating

The Best Places to Find Your Virtual Valentine Whether you’re swiping right on Tinder or verifying if there really are Plenty of Fish in the sea, online dating has become the way to snag your perfect partner. However, after perusing hundreds of carefully curated profiles, you’ll begin to suspect that not everyone is who they seem to be. (And they aren’t.) So what can you do to ensure your online dating life doesn’t end in disaster? Well, you can start with where you live. According to our research, some parts of the country are safer than others for online dating. Where are these coveted...

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The Fastest Internet Providers of 2017

Fast internet is a hot commodity these days, but for many customers it’s frustratingly out of reach. While speeds are stretching into gigabit territory in many cities, and most of the suburbs have speedy cable connections, rural areas are still lagging behind. As technology advances, speedier internet will become more commonplace, but until then we’ll all have to make do with what we can get. If you’re scouting out the quickest internet service provider in your neck of the woods, we can help. We’ve crunched the numbers on available speeds throughout the United States to determine which providers offer...

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2017’s Best Modems for Gigabit Internet

Jump to: Top 3 Modems | How much speed you need | What is gigabit? | Modem FAQs | Find providers in your area Best Gigabit ModemsApproved ProvidersEthernet PortsPriceSpeed1. NETGEAR CM1000Xfinity1$143.991 GbpsBuy Now2. ARRIS SURFboard SB8200Cox, Xfinity2$199.995 GbpsBuy Now3. TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0Xfinity, Spectrum 1$99.991 GbpsBuy Now1. Best Gigabit ModemsNETGEAR CM1000Approved ProvidersXfinityEthernet Ports1Price$143.99Speed1 GbpsBuy Now2. Best Gigabit ModemsARRIS SURFboard SB8200Approved ProvidersCox, XfinityEthernet Ports2Price$199.99Speed5 GbpsBuy Now3. Best Gigabit ModemsTP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0Approved ProvidersXfinity, Spectrum Ethernet Ports1Price$99.99Speed1 GbpsBuy Now The days of dial-up are long gone for most Americans as faster internet speeds become ubiquitous. Recent innovation has focused on developing fiber networks that...

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