Category: Provider Comparisons (Versus)

AT&T vs Xfinity

If you’ve got a need for speed or several internet users in your household, see if AT&T’s affordable fiber-optics are available in your area. Xfinity from Comcast offers solid cable speeds with flexible plans, but its fiber service comes with a large price tag and more speed than most customers need.

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Frontier vs. Cox

Choose Frontier for more options. Frontier offers two types of internet: DSL and fiber. While availability for the latter varies, you’ll find Frontier’s DSL (High-Speed Internet) in many states. Its fiber offering, FiOS from Frontier, is not as widely available, but the service area could expand as Frontier continues to grow its network. Choose Cox for reliable internet. Cox sells cable internet, which offers reliable speeds designed for streaming and gaming. The company provides a connection you can depend on, with fewer outages and latency issues.

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