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LTD Broadband internet plans, pricing, and deals

Prices starting at $70.00/mo.

Symmetrical fiber internet available for cities and rural areas

Discounted monthly rate on fixed wireless when you pay upfront for 3–12 months

High price ($99) for standard installation

Enter your zip code to see if LTD Broadband is available in your area.

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Top LTD Broadband internet plans

Best for city users

City Fiber 1000Mbps

Price: $70.00/mo.

Speed: 1,000Mbps

Best for rural homes

Rural Fiber 300Mbps

Price: $80.00/mo.

Speed: 300Mbps

Best for remote areas

Fixed Wireless ULTRA 25Mbps

Price: $80.00–$90.00/mo.

Speed: 25Mbps

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Best LTD Broadband internet deals

Get up to $10 off your monthly bill when you pay up front for a year’s service on any LTD Broadband internet plan.

All LTD Broadband internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceSpeedOrder online
City Fiber 1000Mbps$70.00/mo.1,000Mbps
Rural Fiber 100Mbps$70.00/mo.100Mbps
Rural Fiber 300Mbps$80.00/mo.300Mbps
Rural Fiber 500Mbps$100.00/mo.500Mbps
Rural Fiber 1000Mbps$120.00/mo.1,000Mbps
Fixed Wireless FAMILY 10Mbps$70.00–$80.00/mo. (or $840.00 for 12 mos. upfront)10Mbps
Fixed Wireless ULTRA 25Mbps$80.00–$90.00/mo. (or $960.00 for 12 mos. upfront)25Mbps
Fixed Wireless Home Office 35Mbps$110.00–$120.00/mo. ($1,320.00 for 12 mos. upfront)35Mbps

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LTD Broadband internet availability

LTD Broadband internet is available across 50,000 square miles covering Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Enter your zip code below to see if LTD Broadband is available in your area.

Looking for an easy way to test and track your internet speed?

Run a quick speed test to see how fast your internet is, or download our free, easy-to-use app to test your speed anywhere on your phone.

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LTD Broadband internet and phone bundles

Best for VoIP needs

Your choice of internet plan + phone line

$20.00/mo. per phone line

  • Ability to port your current phone number to the new line
  • Unlimited long-distance calling
  • Web-based admin and settings tools
  • Easy installation
  • 911 services

Why choose LTD Broadband for internet service?

LTD Broadband offers a variety of internet plans with fair prices and generous terms. Its fixed wireless internet packages give you modest speeds with no data caps. You get a better monthly rate if you pay up front for three months, six months, or a year of service. But LTD Broadband doesn’t require any contracts, so even if you cancel mid-plan, you can get a prorated refund.

LTD Broadband also offers symmetrical fiber connections, with unlimited data, in both rural areas and cities. These fiber plans ensure you get excellent service even in areas where other internet options may be limited or unavailable.

How LTD Broadband compares to the competition

LTD Broadband offers an excellent deal compared to its main competitors, especially fixed wireless provider Rise Broadband and fiber/DSL/fixed wireless providers AT&T and CenturyLink. Although LTD Broadband’s fiber prices cost more than the fiber plans from AT&T and CenturyLink, LTD’s fiber services are available in rural areas where you may otherwise be stuck with sluggish DSL and fixed wireless plans from other providers.

AT&T also has a fixed wireless offering, but it has strict data limits that make it a lot less practical than LTD Broadband’s fixed wireless packages, none of which have data caps. Rise Broadband may be a better fixed option for some customers, since its prices are a bit lower and you still have the option to get unlimited data. It also offers faster speeds on a couple of its plans.

ProviderPricesSpeedsConnection typeShop plans
$70.00–$120.00/mo.10–1,000MbpsFiber, fixed wirelessView Plans
$30.00–$70.00/mo.*1–940MbpsFiber, DSL
AT&T $55.00–$180.00/mo.25–5,000MbpsFiber, DSL, fixed wirelessShop Plans
  Rise Broadband $25.00–$65.00/mo.25–50MbpsFixed wirelessShop Plans

FAQ about LTD Broadband

Does LTD Broadband have data caps?

No, you get unlimited data with an LTD Broadband internet plan.

How much does LTD Broadband charge for installation?

LTD Broadband charges a one-time fee of $99 for standard installation.

Does LTD Broadband charge for equipment?

No, your modem and router is included with your monthly fee at no extra cost when you sign up for an LTD Broadband internet plan.


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