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Metronet Internet Plans, Prices, Speeds, and Availability

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Top Metronet internet plans

  • Best value
    Metronet 500 Mb
    • $49.95/mo.*
    • 500Mbps download/500Mbps upload
  • Best speeds
    Metronet 1 Gb + Whole Home Wi-Fi
    • $69.95/mo.
    • 1,000Mbps download/1,000Mbps upload
  • Best cheap plan
    Metronet 100 Mb
    • $39.95/mo.
    • 100Mbps download/100Mbps upload

Metronet internet plans

PackagePriceSpeed (download/upload)View on Metronet site
Metronet 100 Mb$39.95/mo.*100Mbps/100MbpsShop Plans
Metronet 500 Mb$49.95/mo. (add’l $10 more per month after 24 mos.)500Mbps/500MbpsShop Plans
Metronet 1 Gb$59.95/mo. (add’l $10 more per month after 6 mos.)1,000Mbps/1,000MbpsShop Plans
Metronet 1 Gb + Whole Home Wi-Fi$69.95/mo. (add’l $10 more per month after 24 mos.)1,000Mbps/1,000MbpsShop Plans
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Best Metronet internet deals

Metronet internet, TV, and phone bundles

About Metronet

Based out of Evansville, Ind., Metronet is a fiber internet provider that delivers excellent service at a fair price across 16 states in the Midwest and parts of the South. Its network consists entirely of fiber to the home (FTTH) infrastructure, which means it doesn’t use coaxial cable or DSL copper wiring to fill in the final gaps from a centralized network node to your home. That makes for much faster speeds—and it helps vault the provider to the upper-tier rankings of our Fastest Internet Providers report every year.

Why choose Metronet for internet service?

Metronet’s plans are fast and affordable, giving you symmetrical internet speeds that streamline streaming, gaming, and video calls. You don’t have to worry as much about slowdowns and buffering, even when you share the Wi-Fi with several other users. Plans come with unlimited data and don’t require annual contracts, and installation and equipment is included with the service.


  • Symmetrical fiber speeds up to 1,000Mbps
  • Competitive rates for upper-tier plans
  • No contracts, data caps, or installation/equipment fees


  • Mandatory Tech Assure fee ($12/mo.)
  • Not a low price on low-tier plan

How does Metronet compare against competitors?

Metronet delivers stiff competition against its main regional rivals: AT&T, Spectrum, and Frontier. While AT&T and Frontier both offer much faster, multigigabit plans as part of their fiber-optic arsenals, their prices on upper-tier plans skew higher compared to Metronet’s—and neither get the same impressive speed-test results as Metronet. Also, AT&T and Frontier’s DSL packages give you slow speeds for a similar price as Metronet’s basic plan.

Spectrum is a cable internet provider, so it has slower upload speeds and a much costlier gigabit plan compared to Metronet. None of these providers require annual contracts or hit you with excessive fees. But Metronet is the only one that adds a $12 Tech Assure fee on your bill each month to cover repairs and technical fixes, which may irk some budget-minded customers.

ProviderSpeedPriceOrder online
Spectrum 300–1,000Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)$49.99–$89.99/mo.View Plans
Frontier 500–5,000Mbps$44.99–$154.99/mo.View Plans
MetroNet 100–1,000Mbps$39.95–$69.95/mo.§ View Plans


Do you need a router with Metronet?

Yes, you need a router to establish a Wi-Fi connection for multiple devices with Metronet. Your internet plan includes a router at no extra cost, and for $9.95 extra per month, you can get Whole Home Wi-Fi to extend your Wi-Fi signal across a wider area.

Is Metronet owned by AT&T?

No, Metronet is not owned by AT&T. It’s an independently owned internet service provider based out of Evansville, Ind., overseen by Metronet CEO John Cinelli and president Dave Heimbach.

How do I watch TV on Metronet?

Metronet does not prominently advertise TV packages and doesn’t have a lot of fiber TV options to bundle with its fiber internet plans. But you can order TV plans through Metronet if you call customer service at 877-407-3224. Metronet’s fiber speeds ensure you get a smooth connection for streaming with minimal slowdowns or buffering.