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Starry Internet plans, pricing, and deals

Plans starting at $30.00/mo.

Low prices

Excellent customer service

Limited availability

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Top Starry Internet plans

Best overall

Starry 300

Price: $50.00/mo.*

Speed: Up to 300Mbps

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Best budget option

Starry 100

Price: $30.00/mo.*

Speed: Up to 100Mbps

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Best for Speed

Starry Gig

Price: $75.00/mo.*

Speed: Up to 1,000Mbps

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Best Starry Internet deals

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All Starry Internet plans and pricing

PackagePriceSpeed (download/upload)Order online
Starry 100$30.00/mo.*Up to 100 Mbps/Up to 50 MbpsView Starry Internet Plan
Starry 200$40.00/mo.*Up to 200 Mbps/Up to 50 MbpsView Starry Internet Plan
Starry 300$50.00/mo.*Up to 300 Mbps/Up to 50 MbpsView Starry Internet Plan
Starry 500$55.00/mo.*Up to 500 Mbps/Up to 50 MbpsView Starry Internet Plan
Starry Gig$75.00/mo.*Up to 1,000 Mbps/Up to 50 MbpsView Starry Internet Plan

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Starry Internet availability

You can find Starry Internet in Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, D.C.

Starry works over a fixed wireless network that’s built primarily for multi-family residencies. So you’re most likely to find Starry in apartment buildings and complexes.

Enter your zip code below to see if Starry Internet is available in your area.

Starry Internet speeds

You can get surprisingly excellent speeds from Starry Internet. According to results from our speed test, Starry customers get average speeds of around 122Mbps. That isn’t the fastest Wi-Fi around but it’s still quite fast, especially considering that Starry works over a fixed wireless connection.


Average download speed: 122.23Mbps

Average upload speed: 93.26Mbps

Average latency: 25.08ms

Total speed tests: 1,154 (April 1, 2022–April 1, 2023)

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Download speed
000 Mbps

Upload speed
000 Mbps

Latency (ping)
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Why choose Starry Internet for internet service?

Starry is a low-cost internet service with fast speeds and a simple payment structure—no need to worry about the extra fees or promo prices commonly associated with internet providers. Speeds might be inconsistent in some areas, since Starry uses a wireless radio network to provide a connection; it’s similar to a 5G network, but more targeted towards specific apartments and buildings. Although it’s new technology, this is a fairly fast and reliable service, and the price simply can’t be beat.


  • Low price for what you get
  • Solid speeds for most households
  • Budget $30/mo. plan in some areas
  • No setup or installation fees
  • No data caps


  • Limited availability—mostly found in apartment and condo complexes

How Starry Internet compares to the competition

Starry Internet can be cheaper than some major competitors like Xfinity, Spectrum, AT&T, and Verizon. However, Starry doesn’t have the same peak speeds as fiber providers like AT&T and Verizon. It doesn’t have symmetrical upload speeds, and its upload speeds only hit around 50Mbps, which is much slower than AT&T or Verizon.

ProviderPlan price rangeSpeedsUser ratingOrder online
Starry Internet $30.00–$75.00/mo.100–1,000MbpsN/AView Plans
AT&T $55.00–$180.00/mo.*25–5,000Mbps3.7/5.0View Plans
Xfinity $30.00–$80.00/mo.75–1,200Mbps3.7/5.0View Plans
Spectrum $49.99–$89.99/mo.300–1,000Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)3.7/5.0View Plans

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