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Ting Internet Review

Premium gigabit service on a fiber connection


Price: $89.00/mo.*
Speeds: 1,000Mbps
Data cap: None

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Our Ting Internet review

Ting Internet only has one plan, but it’s a doozie. For $89 a month, you get gigabit speeds along with unlimited data. Symmetrical uploads and downloads ensure a smooth connection for remote working, 4K video streaming, and even hosting livestreams. Ting charges a bit more than most of its fiber competitors, but the fiber provider’s top-notch service is worth the price.


  • Symmetrical gigabit speeds
  • Unlimited data
  • Free standard installation


  • Limited nationwide availability
  • Fee for router
  • High fee for custom install

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PackagePriceSpeed (download/upload)Shop plans
Home Gigabit$89.00/mo.1,000Mbps/1,000MbpsShop Ting Internet Plans

Ting Internet’s speeds: What’s best for you?

Ting’s one internet plan gives you 1,000Mbps upload and download speeds, which is excellent for pretty much anything you throw at it.

A home internet connection with gigabit speeds means you can support a wide variety of tasks, including bandwidth-heavy activities like streaming video in 4K and downloading large files. And you maintain steady speeds even when you share your Wi-Fi with a large number of other users.

Ting Internet’s data caps

Ting Internet doesn’t impose data caps on its fiber internet services. That means you can stream, game, download as much as you want throughout the month without fear of overage fees, throttled speeds, or other limitations on your data usage.

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Why we like Ting Internet: Ting’s gigabit fiber plan represents the top of the line when it comes to home Wi-Fi service. Although some rival providers offer faster speeds, you really can’t do better than 1,000Mbps—and while $89 per month isn’t exactly a bargain price, it’s still cheaper than similar plans from most cable internet providers.

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Ting deals and promotions

Ting internet customers can sign up for a monthly mobile plan for just $10 per line for unlimited talk, text and data with nationwide 5G coverage.


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Ting Internet fees

Router fee$9.00/mo. or $199.00 to buy
Wi-Fi range extender fee$5.00/mo. or $99.00 to buy
Whole Home Wi-Fi$11.00/mo.
Whole Home Wi-Fi+$18.00/mo.
Installation feeFree for standard install, $199.00 for custom install

Depending on your service area, you can either use Ting’s router or its Whole Home Wi-Fi system. Whole Home Wi-Fi works in the same way as a router, but it uses multiple devices to create a mesh system to better support larger homes and extend a Wi-Fi signal into hard-to-reach rooms and areas.

Get your own router to save money

Most fiber providers offer routers free of charge with gigabit plans, so we’re a bit bummed that Ting charges for its equipment. But you can always get around these charges by buying your own router to use with your internet. We recommend ASUS’s ROG Rapture for its powerful Wi-Fi 6 speeds, parental and security controls, and sweet LED effects.

Ting Internet installation, equipment, and contracts

Ting is pretty straightforward when it comes to installation. Ting’s technicians handle the entire process, including setting up a fiber drop at your house and installing any necessary equipment and cabling.

Ting Internet installation and equipment

Most Ting customers can choose the standard install option to set up their Wi-Fi. A technician comes to your house to set up all the equipment and cabling and answer any questions you may have. Standard installation is free.

However, if you have any specific requests for how you want your fiber set up at home, then you need to spring for the custom install option. It costs $199—which is steep for professional installation—but it means you can decide where you want your optical network terminal located and how it can be accessed in your home.

Ting Internet contracts

Ting doesn’t have annual internet contracts for its plan. You can cancel whenever you want without paying an early termination fee.

Ting Internet customer ratings

Ting Internet isn’t featured in our annual customer satisfaction survey, and the relatively small-scale provider also hasn’t drawn attention yet from major organizations like J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. But it gets solid anecdotal reviews from customers on websites like and Reddit.

A couple customers have said that Ting’s customer service is lacking, but others are enthusiastic about the provider’s symmetrical fiber speeds—giving them a major boost compared to their previous cable options and maintaining reliable speeds all year long.

See what other Ting Internet customers are saying

We love to hear from customers about their internet service—so if you’re signed up for Ting, head to our Customer Reviews page to let us know what you think of it. There you can also see reviews from other Ting users.

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Ting Internet vs. Google Fiber

ProviderPricesSpeedsShop plans
Ting $89.00/mo.1,000MbpsShop Plans

Google Fiber gets you a better deal compared to Ting Fiber. Its fastest plan is 1,000 Mbps faster, and its 1,000 Mbps plan costs less than Ting’s. Also, you don’t have to pay extra for a router. Google Fiber and Ting’s service areas don’t overlap, so it’s unlikely you’d have the option to choose between the two, but it does make us wish Ting was a tad more generous with its equipment pricing.

Ting Internet vs. Spectrum

ProviderPricesSpeedsShop plans
Spectrum $49.99–$89.99/mo.*300–1,000Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)Shop Plans
Ting $89.00/mo.1,000MbpsShop Plans

Spectrum and Ting are pretty much neck and neck when it comes to pricing, but Ting still gets you a better deal. Since Spectrum is a cable provider, it can’t deliver the symmetrical internet speeds that Ting has—so you’re going to get faster service every time with Ting.

Ting Internet vs. Xfinity

ProviderPricesSpeedsShop plans
Xfinity $30.00–$80.00/mo.*75–1,200MbpsShop Plans
Ting $89.00/mo.1,000MbpsShop Plans

Xfinity charges a little bit less for its gigabit plan than Ting does—but Xfinity also has data caps and contracts, which Ting doesn’t. Again, we think Ting wins out here, because Xfinity’s cable connection simply doesn’t compare in terms of speed and reliability to Ting’s gigabit fiber. We also like that Ting’s service comes with a more straightforward deal, with fewer extra fees.

Is Ting Internet right for you?

Ting Internet is definitely right for you if you’re looking for a premium internet experience with super-fast speeds and lots of flexibility. The fiber provider’s single internet plan delivers 1,000 Mbps upload and download speeds and gets you unlimited data for $89 a month.

There are cheaper fiber plans out there, and fiber options seem to be increasing with each passing year. But fiber is still uncommon enough that it’s likely Ting is the only fiber provider in most of its service areas. So if you want unparalleled service at a fair price, then go with Ting.

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