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Wow has had their ups and downs- with periods of good service dotted with let downs and difficulty.

Edi Jenkins Clearwater, FL 2016-10-16

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My Internet provider is one of the best I've ever chosen. It has one of the fastest broadband speeds that I have ever seen. WOW also has very helpful service available at a moments notice. We have multiple devices on only one network so speed and reliablity are truly important to us.

Elijah Dowdy Columbus, OH 2016-07-25

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We switch from our former internet provider because they had overage fees and we have four teenagers in our house and they stream movies. The fees were terrible and we also had slow service. We paid for one speed and got much less. Changed to WoW and have had a great experience. They offer a business class service for little money and we get more speed than they advertise. They have no data caps. No overage charges. It is a rare thing to get more than you pay for. Thank you Wow.

Ken Tarpley Knoxville, TN 2016-04-16

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Provider makes excuses for poor service. Promised speed not delivered, guaranteed price....yeah right...they lied! billed for upgraded modem we don't have. Dropped cable TV and paying more now for just internet than WITH cable TV. Service is not steady....constant interruptions.

Kc V Grove City, OH 2016-01-21

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We only recently switched to Wow! but I highly recommend their service so far. The salesperson was great and informative and I no longer feel I'm being robbed by the local cable company. Three months and no interruptions in service, except when the roomba snagged the modem cord:)

Ida Lea Largo, FL 2015-10-06

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The company is always willing to help with questions and anything we needed done. However, the pricing was a bit higher than expected for a basic package in a college town. The speed needed to be increased because the lowest speed is not very reliable and takes a long time to download. Make sure to ask every question possible about pricing so that the price does not increase dramatically with a change to the plan.

Ashley Sintetas Lawrence, KS 2015-06-10

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