Author: Jess Hutton

How Internet Piracy Affects You

We know Internet piracy is not a victimless crime, yet most people who commit online theft never see the effects of their actions, nor are they directly affected themselves. There are, however, subtle ways pirating can cost you money in the long run. Pirating by the Numbers Each year, the amount of online piracy rises substantially with over 95 percent of all music downloads being performed illegally. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, international piracy drained $1 trillion dollars from the global economy while eliminating over 2.5 million jobs. An estimated 327 million Internet users engage in infringement...

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The Benefits of Bundling Services

We’d all love to save some money on our Internet bill. And wouldn’t it be nice to only pay one bill, once a month for all your home services? Bundling two or more services with the same company can end up saving you time and money. Providers know that most people only want TV and Internet services. When they offer you a bundle of three services, they include the phone at an almost negligible price. Many providers will also discount their primary services if you agree to purchase all three. So you come out ahead because you have discounted services,...

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A Guide to the Best Comcast XFINITY® Deals This Summer

Whether you’re a new Xfinity customer, or an existing customer looking to upgrade your service, Xfinity from Comcast means value. In fact, Xfinity has a well-earned reputation for bringing together the best media and technology to provide their customers an unstoppable entertainment experience at an affordable price. If you’re wondering what deals Xfinity can offer you, read on and find out. Free Upgrade to X1 Entertainment Operating System® Comcast is the only provider that offers you the power of Xfinity®.  Xfinity® unites your television and Internet experience through the X1 Entertainment Operating System®, which delivers the easiest and fastest...

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Everything You Need to Know About XFINITY® Streampix® from Comcast

What is XFINITY Streampix from Comcast? XFINITY Streampix is a streaming subscription service that allows unlimited access to thousands of hit movies and TV shows that you can watch as often as you want on any device, no matter where you are. With XFINITY Streampix from Comcast you get Unlimited viewing Instant access Use on TV, mobile and online devices Free with some XFINITY Triple Play bundles Heard enough and want to get some sweet Streampix for yourself? Check out more details about XFINITY’s packages here. View XFINITY Plans What movies and TV shows can I watch with Streampix?...

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The Fine Print in Internet Service Contracts

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are struggling to find new customers. Since first-time buyers are rare these days, vendors are reduced to stealing each other’s customers. Many companies will give away what seems like anything for free to get a new customer. If you want free installation, free equipment, and other freebies, just sign on the dotted line. The contract is part of the bait. It seems like a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that you need to be a lawyer to understand. Well, it is important to read the contract in its entirety BEFORE you sign it. Take the...

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