How Much Speed Do You Need? A New Tool from HSI

We’re proud to announce our most recent tool, How Much Internet Speed Do You Need? Our customers often ask how much download speed they will need, so we’ve developed a simple tool to help them calculate their household speed requirements. Try it out and let us know how it works for you. The first version of the tool is designed to help beginners who aren’t sure what megabits and milliseconds mean for their Internet connection. Start by entering which devices you own and how many of them are regularly connected. 1px devices To get you to a clear number for how much speed you need, the tool then launches into some easy-to-answer questions.
  • How many people use the Internet at your home?
  • How often does your family use social media?
  • How often does your family use video chat or Internet phone? (Skype, Vonage, etc.)
  • How often does your family stream audio? (Spotify, Pandora, etc.)
  • How often does your family play games online via PC or console?
  • How often does your family stream video? (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.)
  • How often does your family download large files? (Large databases, Torrents, etc.)
This data is only used to get you a final recommendation. You can then enter your zip code and look for providers offering at least that speed in your area. How much speed do I need tool results Click the link below to figure out how much download speed your home needs. letsgo

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Carson Ward leads the HSI team and contributes with occassional posts about data, policy, infrastructure, and the Internet's impact on society.

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