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T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet is an Ideal Connection for Students and Recent Grads

An affordable, fast, and straight-forward internet service, minus the hassle

Preparing for higher education is the perfect time to start pruning excess expenses and time-wasting tasks. No student needs an astronomical internet bill to tack onto their educational costs, nor the added time suck of navigating a convoluted provider contract with data caps, term commitments, and extra fees.

Luckily, it’s 2024, and your connectivity isn’t held hostage at the whims of a single internet provider. You’ve got options—and for the majority of students, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet fits the bill. This wireless wonder of the 2020s is fast, flexible, and, most importantly, affordable. It does away with the inconveniences of wired services, like expensive installations and extra fees, in favor of a streamlined service that is both convenient and effective: the perfect connectivity sidekick for student life.

What is 5G home internet?

Until recently, getting on the internet required a cable of some type connected to your residence—but not anymore. Using the same technology in your cell phone, 5G home internet delivers internet signals to your home wirelessly. You get all the perks of a wired connection (and then some) without any of the hassle.

Using a specialized wireless gateway, 5G home internet services transmit and receive signals to and from cell towers. The setup process is extremely easy: simply plug in the gateway and follow some quick instructions on the T-Mobile app.

Wireless data delivery also makes moving your router as easy as moving any other electrical device. The only thing required is that your residence (and gateway location) has decent 5G reception. And T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is a good alternative for those fed up with bandwidth-hogging roommates, as T-Mobile can be installed in a residence right alongside another service. However, if you’re in a big household with more than four roommates, we don’t recommend T-Mobile as the primary connection; it may not provide enough bandwidth.

While the wireless aspect is great, what sets T-Mobile’s service apart from other 5G providers is its budget-friendly and flexible policy. Things like all-inclusive pricing, no term contracts, and unlimited data boost this connection to the top of our list for student internet.

Save with all-inclusive pricing

With tuition, books, supplies, and rapidly increasing rent prices, you’ve got to take your budget wins where you can. T-Mobile’s all-included pricing and simple one-size-fits-all internet model make your service cheaper while taking the headache out of choosing an internet plan, allowing you to apply your money and brainpower where it counts.

T-Mobile only has one 5G Home Internet plan. Its $60-per-month pricing may seem so-so until you realize it includes everything: a fast connection, an internet gateway, and unlimited data. The self-installation is free and the contract is month-to-month.

T-Mobile pricing & plan details

PlanPriceSpeedDetailsView Plan
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet$60.00/mo.*72–245Mbps
  • Unlimited data
  • No term contract
  • Free Gateway

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Say goodbye to roommate internet woes

With internet services like cable and fiber, each residence can typically only host one account at a time. This can be tricky in shared households where multiple parties share one account. The billing accountability rests on a single individual; if it’s your account everyone is using, then you are responsible if someone doesn’t pay up come bill time. On the flip side, if it’s not your account and you want to make a change, like switching to a different plan, you may be stuck if the account holder doesn’t agree.

An even bigger issue with shared connections is the bandwidth; especially with college roommate households where everyone has their own TV, laptops, and the usual collection of personal devices–not to mention all the gaming that happens! When everyone gets home and fires up their favorite streaming services, you may encounter network congestion and subsequent slow internet speeds.

Unlike cable and fiber, you can have 5G internet right alongside other connections in the same household. And since it’s fully wireless, you don’t need to install any cables, and you can place the router anywhere that has decent 5G reception. If you’re having trouble with a shared connection, 5G home internet may be your ticket to solid connectivity.

Can you get T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

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Need to move or pause for summer? No problem.

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet runs on a month-to-month contract, so you can cancel anytime without paying any early termination fees. Moving to a new home is even easier: just check that the new address is serviceable, notify T-Mobile of the date you plan to move, and simply bring your T-Mobile gateway to your new home.

Bundle with a T-Mobile voice line for a big discount

If you bundle your service with a T-Mobile premium voice line, you get a $20 discount on your home internet bill, bringing your monthly rate down to just $40 per month. And remember, T-Mobile’s pricing includes the router and unlimited data. There aren’t many wired plans that can compete with that value.

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