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How to Set Up T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet makes switching so easy, you could have a new internet service in your home in just a few hours.

T-Mobile 5G Home internet is one of the easiest internet services to install yourself. There’s no networking cabling, no technician appointment, and you don’t even have to wait for a modem in the mail. You can waltz into a T-Mobile store, sign up for a plan, grab your free rental modem, and be up and running after a breezy 15-minute self-install.

In our home test of T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, the entire process (including signing up, picking up the modem from a T-Mobile store, and installing the service) took just over an hour. That’s something we cannot say about any other ISP.

T-Mobile has made it really easy to switch over. Here’s how you get started with a new T-Mobile internet plan.

Want a great deal on T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

Get $150 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard®, which is good for three months of service, when you switch to T-Mobile. Also, get a free 5G Wi-Fi Gateway with free shipping.


Now is a great time to sign up for T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

PlanCostSpeedDetailsOrder online
T-Mobile Home Internet
  • $40.00/mo. with a Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta® MAX phone plan*
  • $50.00/mo. with any Voice plan*
  • 72-245Mbps
    • Free internet gateway rental
    • Fast, free, and easy install
    • Unlimited data
    • No contracts

    In addition to the great deal above, these limited-time perks are included if you sign up for T-Mobile now:

    • Get $50 back when you switch to T-Mobile Home Internet via Virtual Prepaid Mastercard® in 12 weeks.
    • Get Paramount+ Essential free for one year.
    • Enjoy SiriusXM free for 6 months.
    • Sign up for Philo TV for one year at only $15/mo.

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet self-installation

    • No appointment
    • No cost
    • No networking cables
    • No wait (if you opt to pick up your gateway)

    Cost: Free

    What you need: T-Mobile internet gateway, device with T-Mobile Internet app (iOS or Android)

    How long it takes: Approximately 15 mins

    Will T-Mobile self-installation work for me?

    T-Mobile’s self-install can be completed in minutes and is designed to work for just about anyone. All you need is your T-Mobile internet gateway and a smartphone with the T-Mobile Internet app installed. Your self-install kit will include a quickstart guide that tells you how to set up the internet gateway and install the T-Mobile app. The T-Mobile Internet app walks you through the rest.

    Because T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet is so easy to set up, an installation appointment with a tech isn’t necessary or even an option. A self-install is the only way to install T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.

    If you run into a problem with your T-Mobile Internet self-installation, you can contact T-Mobile customer support.

    How long does T-Mobile 5G Home Internet self-install take?

    Installing your T-Mobile Internet takes about 15–30 minutes.

    How to self-install T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

    To install T-Mobile Internet, you need your T-Mobile self-install kit and a smartphone with the T-Mobile internet app. All you do is scan a QR code on the bottom of the T-Mobile gateway and the app walks you through the rest.

    What comes in your self-install kit

    Your T-Mobile self-install kit includes the following:

    • T-Mobile Internet Gateway
    • Power adapter
    • Quickstart guide

    Check your internet speed

    Use our speed test to ensure you get the most out of your new internet service.

    Looking for an easy way to test and track your internet speed on your phone?

    Download our free, easy-to-use speed test app for quick and reliable results.

    T-Mobile Internet self-install step by step

    Step 1: Download the T-Mobile Internet app on the Google Play store or the iOS App Store.

    Step 2: In the T-Mobile Internet app, scan the QR code on the bottom of your T-Mobile Internet gateway.

    Step 3: Choose a good spot to place your T-Mobile Internet gateway.

    Because T-Mobile 5G Home Internet receives data via cellular signal, the gateway should be placed somewhere near a window (not in direct sunlight) and preferably on the top floor of your home. This way, there are fewer obstructions between your gateway and the cellular signal.

    You can use the T-Mobile Internet app to fine-tune your gateway placement as the app tells you when the gateway is in a good location.

    Step 4: Connect the gateway to power and wait while it boots and connects to the T-Mobile 5G network.

    Step 5: Follow the instructions in the T-Mobile Internet app.

    Step 6: Test your connection with an internet speed test.

    Issues with a T-Mobile 5G Home Internet self-install

    Installing T-Mobile Internet is so straightforward that you’re unlikely to run into any problems as long as you follow the instructions. But if you do run into an issue, try these easy fixes first:

    • Check that your T-Mobile gateway is powered on and has a good 5G signal. You can see the gateway’s signal strength on the gateway’s LCD display.
    • Make sure your device is connected to your T-Mobile Gateway’s Wi-Fi.
    • Restart your T-Mobile gateway. This allows the gateway to clear out any glitches and start fresh.To restart your T-Mobile gateway unplug the power cable, wait 30 seconds, then plug the power cable back in. Wait a few minutes while the gateway boots and reconnects to the T-Mobile 5G network.

    If you’re still having trouble, you can contact T-Mobile Internet customer support.

    What to do if your T-Mobile Internet is working, but the internet connection is slow or spotty

    Your issue may be due to a home networking issue rather than a problem with your new T-Mobile internet.

    Start with our guide on how to set up a home Wi-Fi network, as it may help with general steps you missed.

    Next, try our internet and Wi-Fi troubleshooting guides:

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet equipment rental

    One of the best perks of T-Mobile’s Home Internet plan is a free internet gateway rental, saving you around $10–$15 per month on your internet bill. And we’re happy to report that the T-Mobile internet gateway is an excellent modem/router.

    In our home test of T-Mobile 5G Home Internet, the T-Mobile gateway exhibited good speeds and Wi-Fi range. The gateway also includes some nice quality-of-life touches, like being able to view connected devices and receive messages from T-Mobile directly on the gateway’s LCD display.

    tmobile gateway equipment on table

    Should you get T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    We performed a home test of T-Mobile’s 5G home internet to help you decide whether or not it’s a good option for you. Our conclusion? Yes, T-Mobile is one of the best internet deals out right now. It’s fast enough to handle the internet needs of most customers and its very affordable internet plan includes every perk in the book, like unlimited data, free rental equipment, and no term contract.

    And we’re not alone in our praise for T-Mobile’s internet service. T-Mobile was the top-performing ISPs in our annual customer satisfaction survey, even outperforming some ISP giants, like Xfinity, AT&T, and Spectrum.

    If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual ISPs, we strongly recommend you take a look at T-Mobile 5G Home Internet.

    Decided to go with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    Enter your zip code below to see if T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is available in your area.

    FAQ about installing T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

    Can you install T-Mobile 5G Home Internet on your own?

    You can absolutely install T-Mobile 5G Home Internet by yourself. In fact, T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet provides one of the easiest setup experiences we’ve seen yet.

    How much is a T-Mobile 5G Home Internet installation?

    T-Mobile’s self-installation is 100% free. There’s not even a monthly charge for the internet gateway rental.

    How fast is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    T-Mobile advertises speeds of  72-245Mbps for its 5G Home Internet. But in our home test of T-Mobile’s internet plan, we usually saw speeds way over the 182 Mbps advertised cap, sometimes even over 400 Mbps. That being said, your speeds will depend on the quality of your home’s 5G signal reception.

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